Rock accident prevention

When the rock drill hits the eye, wind and water pipes often fly out to injure people; the pumice loosely shakes and hurts the workers; the steel braze hits the blind blasthole, and the residual drug blasts and wounds. In order to prevent the above accidents, the following precautions should be taken:

1. Before drilling, you should have equipment and tools, such as lighting equipment, long and short crowbars, rock drilling equipment and tools.

2. Strictly implement the “knocking and asking top” system, carefully check whether there is loose pumice in the working space, whether the bracket is damaged or abnormal, and if it is found, it should be dealt with immediately. When handling, it should be carried out from the safe place from the outside to the inside. When handling, the personnel should stand in a safe place and use the long handle tool.

3. When the blasthole is opened, the amount of intake air should be reduced, and the amount of intake air should be increased after the drill head is drilled into 3-5 cm. The drill, wind drill and drill stand should be kept on the same vertical surface when the eye is drilled. The drill should be kept at the center of the blasthole to ensure that the blasthole is straight and reduce the friction between the drill and the eye wall. When you are eye-catching, the person holding the wind drill should stand on the side of the side of the wind drill, close to the wind drill, do not let the wind drill shake left and right to avoid broken brazing. In case of broken brazing, it is necessary to quickly hug the rig to prevent the drill rod from entering and leaving the wound.

4. After shooting, it is necessary to check in time whether there are blind cannons, residual explosions, problems found, and timely and correct treatment. It is strictly forbidden to make eyelashes along the residual eye.

5. Do not dry your eyes. When drilling, you must first open the water and then open the wind. When stopping the drilling, you must first stop the air and stop the water. The water supply should be appropriate to reduce the occurrence of dust.

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