Conical heavy medium sorting machine

This is a device for sorting the ore naturally in a conical circular tank filled with a resuspension, the light product is discharged with the overflow, and the heavy product is lifted by means of compressed air. The sorting machine has two types of single cone and double cone. The double cone can ......Reading more

Forward stacking method and equipment

Many small and medium-sized heap leaching sites and a few large ore heap leaching sites use this method of pile-up. Its most striking feature is that the pile-up equipment walks on some of the built piles. The steps of pile-up are: 1 using the terrain height difference, or repairing a slope road, ......Reading more

Experimental study on comprehensive recovery of arsenic…

A Mining Co., Ltd. is a mining enterprise mainly engaged in the selection of gold products. At present, the gold-bearing polymetallic sulfide ore produced by the company is selected from the ore by gold ore, lead gold concentrate and zinc concentrate. Mine and sulfur concentrate. The gold-bearing m ......Reading more

The nature and use of diamond

    Chemical properties In diamond crystals, carbon atoms are connected to each other in a tetrahedral bond to form an infinite three-dimensional skeleton, which is a typical atomic crystal. In the diamond crystal, the carbon atoms are in each SP 3 hybrid orbital and the other four carb ......Reading more

How is cyanide poisoning people?

The toxicity of cyanide and compounds mainly comes from cyanide. It enters the human body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin, produces hydrogen cyanide, inhibits cytochrome oxidase, prevents it from absorbing dissolved oxygen in the blood, causing paralysis of nerve function, a ......Reading more

Spiral concentrator and spiral chute

Both are spiral beneficiation equipment, the principle of separation is the same, and the structure of the equipment is similar. The main difference is that the spiral groove has a different cross-sectional shape. Spiral concentrator spiral groove cross-section is approximately oval shape, adapted ......Reading more