Wang Donglei: LED lighting will continue to grow rapidl…

On June 12th, NVC Lighting released new e-commerce products in Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Park. This is the move by NVC to focus on home lighting, commercial and home dual-line strategies. Wang Donglei, chairman of NVC Lighting, told the First Financial Reporter that the LED lighting industry is still i ......Reading more

Daily inspection of garbage trucks

It is very important to carry out daily inspection and replacement of various accessories in the garbage truck. It can improve the working efficiency of the garbage truck and prolong its service life, and it can prevent some risks from occurring. For mainte ......Reading more

Specification for use of lighting vehicle headlights

The lighting vehicle used as a light source is a metal halide. The advantage of using a metal halide as a light source is that it emits light through the action of an internal light-emitting tube and air, so that the filament of the conventional lighting me ......Reading more

Cautions for using aerial vehicles

The working life of aerial vehicles is generally about 10 years, but reasonable use and maintenance can extend the useful life of the vehicle to a large extent. Here's what we need to pay attention to during the maintenance and repair of aerial vehicles ......Reading more

Learn more about Sweepers

The sweeping of the sweeper is one of the more important parts of the whole car, and it can't be ignored. If there is no sweeping function, then the work of the sweeper will not work. The sweeper's The brush is also a relatively easy accessory to we ......Reading more

Manufacturing industry is drawing attention to China…

[New concept of instrument network in China] Many countries in the world are implementing industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing initiatives. China is no exception. In particular, the Chinese government is aware of the need to speed up industrial transformation in order to maintain and ......Reading more