Design and Application of Diesel Generator Set Monitori…

In some enterprises and institutions, it is necessary to equip the departments to which they belong to diesel generator sets (referred to as: units). When the mains grid is out of power, the units can be started immediately to provide the required power in time for these departments. Usually, the ......Reading more

Full implementation of mechanized mining in Fankou lead…

    Full implementation of the application of mechanized mining in Fankou lead zinc ore Cai Wenfankou Lead-Zinc Mine, Shaoguan City, Guangdong 512325, China   As a state-owned old mine, the Fankou lead-zinc mine has been mining for nearly 50 years, and the constraints on the safe prod ......Reading more

What is the good parking system in the property?

With the rapid growth of private cars, the demand for parking lots is also accelerating. However, there are numerous parking system companies on the market, and parking property choices will be based on their needs. So what exactly is a good parking system in the property? First of all, it's ......Reading more

Truck scale structure components

The electronic truck scale structure is composed of what parts. The electronic truck scale is a measurement tool. The electronic truck scale structure is composed of sensors, electronic weighing instruments and weighing platforms. The truck scale is also closely following the development of the ti ......Reading more

Hard hat performance test is an important indicator for…

In the production work, accidental fall injuries and human accidents occur from time to time. The damage to the human body caused by falling objects is mainly caused by the impact of acceleration. How much does the human body withstand the momentary impact? According to relevant research data from ......Reading more

Why use an insect quarantine box? Where are the main in…

In the prevention and control of pests and diseases, the inspection and quarantine of plants and insects is one of the most important items. The tools used to carry out this work include the quarantine toolbox. According to the different quarantine objects, the quarantine toolboxes are d ......Reading more

Domestic and foreign copper beneficiation indicators

The copper ore dressing indicators at home and abroad are shown in Table 1 below: Table 1 Domestic and foreign copper beneficiation indicators sequence number Mineral processing plant name scale t/d Deposit type and mineral composition Process flow introduction product name Mineral proces ......Reading more