Cummins becomes the best choice for China's express delivery industry

In 2017, the development of China's express delivery industry entered a new phase, with 40.1 billion pieces of express delivery completed in the year. While the business volume continues to rank first in the world, the quality of service is getting better and better, the security index is getting higher and higher, the level of environmental protection is constantly improving, and the range of technology is getting more and more full. China Express can efficiently "run" and "turn" together, and it can provide satisfying express delivery service for hundreds of millions of businesses and consumers. This is inseparable from the support of countless suppliers. Cummins is one of the outstanding ones.

The express delivery industry has a safe, efficient, and reliable high demand for mainline transportation vehicles. Only vehicles that are suitable for express transportation and operations can win the favor of express delivery companies. The excellent power performance and reliable quality of the Cummins engine perfectly match the professional needs of the express delivery industry.

Cummins Engine Cummins Engine

As the world's largest power solution provider, Cummins has obvious advantages in quality and technology of the entire engine and its core components. It protects users with its distinctive features of economy, efficiency, and safety. It is not difficult to find the purchase of models, transport vehicles and more concentrated in the truck Cummins engine configuration, for example, rhyme delivery, China Express, Debon logistics, SF Express, Futian Omar , Dongfeng Tianlong, Best Huitong, Shen Tong, etc. The procurement of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. and so on have revealed the trust of Cummins engines such as the ISF, ISD, and ISZ. Cummins Engine has become the classic power of express logistics industry with its advantages of superior power, high reliability, low failure rate, and matching Cummins C-LINK remote intelligent terminal, using big data as a carrier to achieve scientific fuel economy and intelligent management. selected.

With the guarantee of product hard power, plus the help of the service team, Cummins will be able to “get a tiger” in the express logistics industry. Last year, double 11th, Cummins teamed up with Shentong to ensure double 11 express logistics! Cummins's Dongfeng Cummins, Cummins Tianyuan, Cummins Emissions Processing System and Cummins Filtration set up a “Double 11” service support team during the double 11th. , Stationed in Shentong Shanghai Transshipment Center to provide one-week "double 11" transport vehicles escort services.

Through centralized inspections and on-site maintenance, “double eleventh” transport vehicles can be maximally “inoculated” to detect and solve potential problems of the engine as far as possible and ensure that the vehicles are highly efficient during the “Double 11” period. , trouble-free operation, not falling chain at a critical moment. Through the use of vehicle maintenance training, etc., to help users and drivers understand more about product features, use skills, and the importance and methods of maintenance, to better play the comprehensive performance advantages of Cummins engines. The security team used Cummins C-LINK remote intelligent service system to monitor the vehicle's real-time location, walking trajectory, and engine failure information. It monitored the vehicle in real time and guided the active service actions of the service station. Cummins has also added spare parts stocks for filters, post-processors, urea, and engine oil to ensure timely transportation.

2018, China Express will usher in new developments. Exploring and innovating to fuel the development of the express delivery industry. Kang Kang believes that with excellent reliability, economy and power, advanced remote intelligent terminal technology and timely service team guarantee, the fate of Cummins and the Chinese express delivery industry is still long!


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