Metal non-metallic mine safety management system (5)

In this chapter we will continue to explain the content of the safety education and training system.

5. Safety education and training system

With the continuous development of production, the continuous increase of new workers and the introduction of new technologies and new processes. In order to meet the needs of production development, ensure the safety and health of employees in the production process, in order to better complete the production work, safety education for employees, especially new workers, special types of work, technical training is very important. To this end, this management system has been specially formulated.

First, safety knowledge education is a regular work. When training employees for all employees, we must focus on “safety knowledge” as one of the contents.

Second, new recruits, new assignments, and transfer of personnel must be educated in safety and qualified for examinations before they can be employed. New recruits must pass the physical health examination before they can be recruited. Otherwise, who is responsible for who is responsible for the problem. The new-level three-level safety education is no less than 7 days, the mine level is 4 days, the workshop is 2 days, and the class is more than 1 day. After the new workers are assigned to the team, the team leader specifies the workers with safety production experience to lead the work together. And master the basic knowledge of safety technology operation and the post, can arrange for independent operation, safety education is organized by the mine leader in charge of safety, and the safety agency participates in education.

Third, for the training of special operations personnel, in addition to general safety education, it is also necessary to carry out safety education professional education and training on special operations. After passing the theoretical examination and practical operation examination, and obtaining the certificate, the operation can be carried out.

4. For the workers in each position, focus on the safety technical knowledge, safe operation procedures and safety rules and regulations of the post, the safety operation procedures and safety rules and regulations, and use the safety activities of the team or safety education before, during and after the class.

5. For special operations personnel who are not trained and need to be trained, the training should be organized in batches and batches as soon as possible, so that the permit holders of special operations personnel can obtain 100% of the certificates.

Sixth, all kinds of special operation certificates, must be in accordance with the time specified by the higher level for the examination and renewal of the certificate, the special operation personnel should be established at the time of the renewal of the test, in order to do standardized management.

7. All special operations personnel should maintain a stable position and should not be arbitrarily mobilized. If they need to be transferred, they must be discussed and decided by the mine leaders.

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