What are the advantages of road sweepers?

The road sweeper is one of the special vehicles and has become more and more important in the process of urbanization. With the help of road sweepers, it has brought convenience and convenience to people sweeping the road, and has avoided the entry of sanitation workers into the car. Many roads also bring simplicity and convenience to their work. So, what is the advantage of road sweepers?


The road sweeper advantage:

1. Save time and labor. The area cleaned by a road sweeper is equivalent to the area of ​​50 sanitation workers cleaned every day. After purchasing a road sweeper, there is no need to invest too much manpower and material resources.

2. Safer and simpler operation. The road sweeper can clean the road while the vehicle is walking, avoiding the thrilling cleaning of sanitation workers and greatly improving the safety of the sanitation workers cleaning the road. And its simple operation is similar to opening a general vehicle.

3 cheap, cost-effective. The price of a road sweeper only needs a few hundred thousand RMB, and a few tens of thousands of dollars can be purchased cheaply. The purchase cost is low and it is suitable for procurement by the sanitation department.

4. Durable, low reported loss rate. A street sweeper can be used for several years. Due to the simple structure, it is not easily damaged, so it does not usually need to spend a lot of money on maintenance.

5. High cleaning efficiency. A road sweeper can sweep a whole lane at a time and have the ability to clean on both sides. Once you pass by, you can sweep and complete multiple projects. The cleaning frequency is very high and the effect is very good.

6, flexible use. Whether it is cement road, asphalt road or other types of road cleaning can be widely used in highways, municipal roads, residential roads, suitable for use in many cities in the country; it can also be used as a traction vehicle.

What are the advantages of road sweeper? Because of the many advantages of road sweeping vehicles, maintenance, operation is very convenient, so sanitation departments have purchased a street sweeper, cleaning the city roads, providing a simple and easy to clean.

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