Under the Internet of Things era, several major changes brought about by visual processing

In the next five years, the data generated by the video traffic will account for 80-90% of the total network data traffic. Such a large amount of video data, whether it is stored locally or in the cloud, consumes a lot of resources, and most of the data is junk data. Therefore, visual processing has emerged, of course, its function not only in this. According to the author's speech, the author summarizes the application of visual processing in several major fields.

Make the camera smarter

Cameras become more intelligent mainly in two areas. Security and transportation. Security, video data can not all be placed in the data center, video processing and storage, there are many video needs real-time, for example, you may need to use the phone to view the situation at home. Once the home what happens, and the head of the household can not determine the time of occurrence, through the security camera may have been manually reviewed from the beginning to the end, there are enough time to sell off the thieves. With visual processing, the system can automatically recognize the intelligence of the few hours from the video out of the situation a few minutes, can take remedial measures faster. Traffic, monitoring data can take up limited resources, the general storage time of about a month, different regions of different time, but one thing is the same, these data will be stuffed with storage space. After the application of visual processing data can be divided into two kinds, one is the video data, one is the information data, information data including traffic, license plate number, the number of pedestrians, etc., so the video only needs to be stored for about 2 weeks, while the previous traffic The information leaves only informational data, which can save a lot of space and improve some information retention time.

Make smart TV possible

You now open the TV box, see a screen that can be ordered on-screen, in fact it is stored inside your box. If you apply visual processing, all your data is stored in the cloud and all TV boxes are no longer needed. There is no box maintenance problems, but also save a lot of service fees, which became smart TV. If there is a problem with the home program, a code stream can be solved. Because your TV is not open 24 hours, on average only 10% of people need the back of the server. For operators, it only needs to support 10% of people watching TV online at the same time. This is a change in carrier television and the United States has begun to do so. How to achieve this? To increase the density. Intel Xeon servers and Core CPU plus GPU servers are fine. For operators, it may not be necessary to store the 10% of the code stream to the server. In some cases, the client's programs are broadcast in real time, and many advertisements are also broadcast in real time. For example, when the ball game, let all the advertisers compete, who spend more money at this time who broadcast, the implementation of insertion directly to the code stream forwarding, GPU hardware acceleration and software performance transcoding to increase the density of at least five Times speed. For operators, this cost saving is huge.

Let virtual reality be controlled

Visual processing in the field of AR and VR applications are to mention, VR and even ranked in the forefront of science and technology in front of the Internet of Things. The future of virtual reality and augmented reality and our practical application has a highest level, is a real combination of virtual reality. The work done in the virtual space can be directly manipulated the actual scene. What is the relationship between augmented reality and virtual reality and the Internet of Things? Augmented reality and virtual reality should be at the highest level. IoT this source for data analysis, collected data is to rely on objects and networks together, no matter what type of sensor, the data collected must be uploaded, and then analysis, the purpose of analysis is to make people understand . The last step is to show it to the eyes of the world, of course, this is a visual processing of the virtual scene, it may be in your control room directly read the data in the actual scene, these virtual through with the real sensor One by one, you can achieve the reality of virtual control. Of course, this step is still far away.

The field of IoT has been changing and growing fast. To a large extent, the development of science and technology is to bring convenience to people. After visual processing, we can expect more.

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