Let "college students + cooperatives" promote the development of agricultural machinery

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] With the clear separation of China's agricultural land ownership, contracting rights and management rights, the agricultural production will surely move toward the development path of large-scale modernization. As a new type of business, agricultural machinery cooperatives are becoming more and more The main force of agricultural production, but in reality many cooperatives have problems such as imperfect cooperation mechanism, imperfect internal operation mechanism and low management and service level.
Let "college students + cooperatives" promote the development of agricultural machinery
On the other hand, college students, mastering advanced knowledge and technology, as the representative of advanced productivity, but facing the big cities with high housing prices, imagine whether college students can go to the countryside, go to the agricultural machinery cooperatives, and put their youth and Sweat is swayed by new types of business entities that require knowledge and information that are not yet standardized. They help agricultural machinery cooperatives that rely on policies to move toward norms, and promote cooperatives or family farms that rely more on endogenous forces to eventually enable farmers to achieve easy farming. This idea will become a reality with the promotion of multi-party forces such as school government associations.
Not long ago, the Engineering College of Shenyang Agricultural University held the 2016 “Three Downs” Social Practice Commendation Conference of the Shenyang Agricultural University Engineering College in the Century Hall. Six students from Yu Jin won the Cow Director Award. How did college students win the award of the director of the cattle? After college students enter the cooperative, who will catalyze the better integration of the two together, the author hopes to find some clues by visiting and consulting the materials.
College students inject fresh vitality into agricultural machinery cooperatives
During the two sessions this year, there was a report on “Speaking two sessions: the director of the Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives is concerned?” said the expectations of the chairman of the cooperative. Sun Jingmin, chairman of the Tianjin Century Rural Agricultural Machinery Cooperative, hopes that more technical talents will come to the countryside. Come to the cooperative. Last year, the cooperative wanted to plant some of the “souvenir” radish and five-petal garlic that were unique in Tianjin. However, the technical problems in the large-scale planting process were difficult to solve. Sun Jingmin’s help to the relevant departments also had no result. "I hope that more composite technical talents will come to cooperatives. There are agricultural machinery technical talents in agricultural machinery cooperatives, and agricultural technology talents in planting cooperatives. However, there is a lack of compound talents in farmers' professional cooperatives."
It is true that college students who master planting techniques and management knowledge have become one of the best candidates for the chairman of the Agricultural Machinery Cooperative. However, how do college students enter the cooperative and how to play a better role, which has aroused the interest of teachers of Shenyang Agricultural University Engineering College, initiated and organized Carry out research activities on the social practice of the summer "Bovine Director". This activity ingeniously solved the double problem of the difficulty of college students' employment and the limited development of agricultural machinery cooperatives. "Many college students have become the directors of agricultural machinery cooperatives. Some village chiefs said that the university physicists can do a lot of things, and they are willing to serve them." Shenyang Wang Jicheng, vice president of the Agricultural University, said that during the summer of the “Cow Director” social practice research activities, 800 Shennong students took advantage of the summer vacation and the 11-day holiday, not afraid of the heat and hardship, and went to 255 agricultural machinery cooperatives. Without research, they have no right to speak. They went deep into the agricultural production line to understand agricultural machinery cooperatives, obtained hand information, and promoted advanced technology of agricultural machinery. Importantly, college students helped cooperatives to establish scientific management systems, establish WeChat public number and online information management platform, which was warmly welcomed. , wrote a large number of valuable research reports.
It is understood that Liang Ripeng is a student of the 2012 Department of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation of Shenyang Agricultural University. He did not choose the city's high-paying work when he graduated. Instead, he went to Liaoning Anshan Haicheng Fengwo Cooperative as the chairman. He founded the Chuangfeng Agricultural Plant Protection Operation Team. The plant protection team adopts a business model combining leasing and operation, so that each operator is the boss, which not only improves the enthusiasm of the operator, but also fully promotes the common prosperity of the farmers.
Coincidentally, Chen Xiangrong is a university student village official in Yuelai Town, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province. He turned his entrepreneurial gaze to agricultural production because he found that the lack of rural labor and the low production value of agricultural products led to fewer and fewer people who are truly willing to get rich through agriculture. Chen Xiangrong said: "I have transferred 135 mu of land by myself, starting from the mechanized service of rice production." Now, Chen Xiangrong's agricultural undertakings have slowly taken the right track.
In the past, every year, college students who were full of three-agricultural feelings went to the agricultural machinery cooperatives to investigate, and more of them acted as volunteers. With the changes in the rural environment and the government's policy support for cooperatives, today's college students go to cooperatives, and the chairman is theirs. The work, they are no longer bystanders, but the owners of the cooperatives. Wang Jicheng said that the school will continue to encourage university students to adhere to the "learning profession, close to the industry, love the profession, approach the enterprise, say professional, position the profession" action philosophy, continue to innovate the social practice model. The school curriculum should be more in line with the needs of agricultural machinery cooperatives and agricultural machinery enterprises.

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