Agricultural machinery will surely cater to the needs of land and farming people

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] China has been a standard loess civilization since ancient times, from the initial slash-and-burn cultivation to the brakes, the Longshou Canal and now the mechanized operations. We are constantly improving and developing. Every progress has condensed the wisdom and sweat of our ancestors. With the development of science and technology in the times, agriculture is constantly changing.
Agricultural machinery will surely cater to the needs of land and farming people
The land is changing. In recent years, China's land has undergone no small changes. High-standard farmland and supporting water conservancy facilities are being built all over China. The planting area is also experiencing land circulation. Although it is affected by factors such as topography, climate and other factors, the change is not very significant, but many small plots of farmland have also begun to be concentrated. More and more fields are suitable for mechanized harvesting. The use of agricultural machinery must be on the land, and the change of land will inevitably affect the development of agricultural machinery.
The farming people are changing. When the solar terms are reached, the grain needs to be harvested as soon as possible, otherwise it will naturally fall off and cause unnecessary losses. In a short work cycle, a certain amount of manpower is required. However, in recent years, China's urbanization process has been accelerating, and most of the people who farmed are over-aged. After 70, they are reluctant to plant land after 80 years. They have never thought about planting land after 90 years. The younger and younger laborers who stay in rural farming are more and more The less you come, the less you will be in the future. So the "machine substitution" process will also speed up.
Agricultural machinery will certainly cater to the needs of land and farming people, and will be dominated by large-scale in the future. It can be seen from the models of the mainstream hot-selling models on the market that the feeding amount has been increasing, and the volume of the machine, the header, the granary, and the grain outlet are correspondingly increased, and this trend continues. Miniaturized machinery will retreat to the second line. However, China's fields include many terraced areas such as hilly mountains. These areas are not suitable for large and medium-sized machinery to enter the field. Hardworking Chinese farmers will not let these areas fall into the wild. Therefore, small agricultural machinery also has room for survival and development, and the demand is also very high. considerable.
(Original title: Looking at the future of the agricultural machinery market from the development trend of agricultural machinery)

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