Datang Xianyi Technology Company's invention patent was authorized by the state

Recently, the invention patent of “A Redundant Data Inspection Method” filed by Hunan Datang Xianyi Technology Co., Ltd. was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The invention patent is independently innovated by the company, specifically a verification scheme for online thermal measurement redundant data of thermal power plants. The acquisition of this patent provides a powerful driving force for the company to enhance its core competitiveness.

With the advent of the era of big data, all walks of life are faced with the processing of massive data and information, and it is particularly important to identify the accuracy of the data. In recent years, the operating environment of thermal measurement instruments in thermal power plants has become increasingly harsh, with frequent disturbances such as noise, high temperature, pressure waves, electromagnetic waves, and mechanical vibrations. With the gradual deepening of the informationization construction of power generation enterprises, the accuracy of measurement data faced by real-time parameter monitoring of thermal power plants is becoming more and more prominent.

The traditional redundancy test has limitations, and the data provided is not stable and needs to be improved. The company proposed and developed the patent for this situation. This patent can be easily implemented on a computer, and is suitable for the accuracy of redundant data in any case, and the data reliability is high. At present, this method has been applied to the company's SIS products and equipment fault diagnosis systems.

All along, the company adheres to the concept of “innovation leads the progress”, and has 53 patented technologies and 47 software copyrights; among the independently developed products, it has won 35 provincial and ministerial awards and won 5 gold medals at China International Software Expo.

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