How does the camera break the backlight?

It is not unfamiliar to mention video cameras. With the rapid development of the security industry in recent years, cameras have been widely used in various industries. In our daily lives, we can also see the presence of video cameras, but when using video cameras, Sometimes there will be back light phenomenon. In the end is what causes this phenomenon? What should we do when we encounter this situation? Here's a small series of three instructions for you to easily get the camera back light phenomenon.
First, adjust the installation position of the camera
First of all, through the corresponding adjustment of the camera position, try to avoid direct sunlight from the outside, can greatly improve the entrance of the entrance of the light, when we install, try to avoid the camera facing the entrance installation, we say the entrance In order to install a video camera, there is no provision on which position the camera for monitoring the entrance and exit must be installed. It should be said that it is important to see the effect and to see the quality of the object.
Second, use of super dynamic camera can improve the phenomenon of backlight
The use of a hyperdynamic camera can improve the back light phenomenon to a certain extent, because it has a certain function in itself and can improve the back light, and the use of a super dynamic camera to solve the problem of back light with a large picture contrast can also play a certain role of improvement.
Third, improve the indoor light illumination to improve the phenomenon of backlight
By improving the illuminance of the indoor light source, it is also a way to improve the back light phenomenon. The phenomenon of back light appears in the image, which is mainly caused by the strong contrast of the light intensity in the field of view. The cameras installed at the entrance and exit have strong outdoor light in the monitored area and weak indoor lighting, resulting in a strong contrast between the black and white levels of the image. In this way, if the illuminance of the indoor light source is increased, the indoor light is enhanced. Reducing the contrast with the outside light can also improve the backlight phenomenon.

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