Good brand, good quality, Hubei Cheng Li explains to you the main issues of hook arm garbage truck in use

With the development of modernization, people are paying more and more attention to environmental sanitation. The demand for garbage trucks is increasing, and people's transportation and handling of domestic garbage have been well developed. Hubei Cheng Li designed different types of garbage trucks for different fee requirements, including compact garbage trucks, sealed garbage trucks, hook-arm garbage trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, docking garbage trucks, and hanging garbage trucks. Etc. Among them, the hook arm type garbage truck is the best model for sales of Hubei Cheng Li. Its characteristics of ease of use, simple operation, and the ability to fit more than one bucket are widely applicable to the disposal of city streets and school rubbish, especially for When collecting and transporting residential garbage, we will certainly encounter some problems caused by improper operation. Here I will explain to you the main issues of the use of hook-arm garbage trucks.

1. The weight of the rubbish inside the garbage compartment should not exceed the allowable range of the car. Otherwise, it will cause excessive pressure during the binning, hydraulic components will be damaged, light oil will cause oil leakage, and the clutch wheel will slip, causing serious clutch burn-up. .

2. Before packing, ensure that the longitudinal beams of the car body are located between the rollers of the rear end of the auxiliary beam to ensure that the longitudinal central axis of the car coincides with the longitudinal central axis of the car body. Otherwise, the position of the vehicle should be adjusted.

3, in the packing work, according to the weight of garbage collected in the compartment to properly increase the throttle, while the garbage can be successfully picked up to achieve packing.

4, in the end of the operation, should promptly close the electromagnetic clutch switch to ensure that the electromagnetic clutch is in the power-off state, in particular to remind the car is in the flameout, but also to the electromagnetic clutch in the power-off state, otherwise it will cause a large battery power consumption , resulting in loss of electricity so that the car can not start properly.

5. Under normal circumstances, do not adjust the pressure of the regulator. This has been adjusted before leaving the car.

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