Why WeChat Payment is the preferred payment method for parking fees?

WeChat payment is a relatively popular and advanced payment method. It uses the mobile phone's mobile terminal to quickly realize payment through Internet technology, avoids the trouble of cash change in the payment process, and its application area is more and more widely. Currently, WeChat payment becomes a parking lot. The preferred payment method of the charging system.

People's payment can be paid by WeChat, so that the parking lot can be changed from the original cash payment to the owner's own payment. The owner can check his parking information through WeChat, including the parking time and the location of the vehicle, etc., to complete the payment. As people's parking problems become more and more difficult, whether it is the entrance and exit management or people parking or payment, etc., it brings great trouble to the owners. The intelligent parking system is based on various kinds of people encountered in the parking process. A device developed for the problem has more and more functions and makes it easier for people to park.

How is WeChat payment used in the parking lot? Is it safe and convenient for car owners and parking management? For the parking lot, in order to open the WeChat payment function, first of all, the parking lot needs to have its own WeChat public number, and then the parking lot system manufacturer will use its own WeChat public number to open the merchant number and the parking fee paid by the car owner. Direct deposit into the parking lot manager's account, without passing by third party personnel, is very safe for the parking lot manager; for the owner, the WeChat payment is more simple and people only need to scan the parking lot. The two-dimensional code, focusing on the WeChat public number, can perform some operations related to parking, such as parking space inquiry, reservation, payment, etc. Compared with mobile APP payment, WeChat payment is more convenient, it does not need to download some parking APP software, etc. Operation, let people use more at ease.

WeChat payment is not only applicable to the management of some large-scale parking lots. Through the management of the cloud platform, it has unified management of some communities, shopping malls and other places. Through the license plate recognition system, the parking lot will eventually be unattended.

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