The raw material medicine company builds the "green pharmaceutical company" core competitiveness

As pharmaceutical companies (mainly raw material drug manufacturers) were shut down due to environmental issues, the whole society has become focused and accountable for environmental pollution in the pharmaceutical industry. It is understood that the current competitive pharmaceutical market, companies are mostly in the state of profit or loss, so many companies choose to continue to owe environmental protection. Some experts believe that the introduction of policies such as price cuts for pharmaceuticals should not be used as an excuse for pharmaceutical companies to owe environmental liabilities. “Green manufacturing” should go deep into every detail of drug production.
Shi Si Yao, the "green pharmaceutical" model in the industry, talk about "green pharmaceuticals", you have to say Shijiazhuang four drugs. Shi Si Yao's "green pharmaceutical" concept, implementation of the company has always been, to the introduction of green clean production lines, small to energy-saving, which with the "four chiefs of the four drugs" Qu following the sweeping work style of the broad masses.
In 2002, four drugs were stripped from the old system. Qu Jiguang successively increased investment in production equipment and technological transformation. As a large infusion production enterprise, hydropower is the largest cost. Among them, water is the largest source of pollution. He told the author that Shi Shipeng pays attention to product quality in both hardware and software, while highlighting energy conservation and environmental protection, focusing on the theme of sustainable development, focusing on water conservation, energy conservation, energy saving, and recycling of resources. And implement the "1+1" circular economy model, through "technological reform + cost management", to carry out technological transformation combined with resource conservation and structural adjustment, not only to achieve effective use of energy, but also leading the product infusion to form a strong market competition force.
According to the author's understanding, after a series of technological innovations, Shi Si Yao has achieved the fullest use of water resources. In the past, companies used 60 tons of hydrochloric acid for washing bottles. The water can only be used once, and a large amount of acid water is discharged into the sewer. In recent years, the company has repeatedly reformed its production process and production process around water conservation. In the production process bold reform and innovation, so that the pure water water process from the original "reverse ion ion resin exchange method" to the current domestic advanced "double reverse osmosis water method", and put the production of high temperature condensate The un-evaporated feed water was connected to the staff bathroom, office building heating, etc., respectively. After the transformation, the two kinds of waste water were recovered to a Storage Tank, the pipelines were reinstalled to the rough washing station of the infusion plant, the animal breeding room, and the company's various departments cleaned the water so that this part of the water was fully recovered. Now they use the heavy water produced by making distilled water to rough the bottle by ultrasonic waves, forming a recycling-collecting-precipitating-re-cleaning recycling mode that can save 50 tons of water per hour.
Last year, four medicines implemented 15 energy-saving technological transformations, and only one energy-saving item was quite substantial. In the eyes of many companies, “green pharmaceuticals” are considered to be an unnecessary expense that consumes both manpower and money. In fact, implementing green production is not just a single win, but rather a win-win situation.
Qu Jiguang told the author, “We have invested tens of millions of dollars in achieving “green pharmaceuticals,” and large input and large output will inevitably bring big returns. Since 2005, companies have been able to save 1,500 tons of water every day, saving water all year round. More than 500,000 tons, a total of 1.08 million yuan in energy savings, a new three-dimensional warehouse built and put into use in the new district, with flat surface storage for three-dimensional storage, saving an area of ​​190 acres and saving 195 people...”
While paying attention to daily savings, Shisi Pharmaceuticals also vigorously implemented energy-saving technological transformation. Li Shengping, the manager of the equipment department, said that the company has already performed energy-saving technological transformation for more than 100 devices, and that the annual energy after the transformation can reach 2 million kilowatt-hours. Cooling water circulation pump and hot water supply pump of the refrigeration station have been transformed with frequency conversion to greatly reduce the electricity load, saving more than 500 kwh of electricity.
From 2000 to now, the production value of enterprises has increased by a few tens of times, but the use of steam has dropped from 20 tons per hour in 2000 to the current 10 tons per hour. All the pipes in Shishi Pharmaceutical Factory are buried underground, not only for the sake of beauty, but more importantly because of the basic constant temperature in the underground, which can not only save insulation materials, but also avoid heat loss. In the past, when heating in winter, the daily consumption of steam was 20 tons. Now all valve steam (exhaust gas) is used, and water is exchanged for hot water through a thermo valve. This can save more than 1800 tons of steam per year. This alone can save costs. 18 Ten thousand yuan.
According to the survey, the sales revenue of Four Pharmaceuticals has increased from nearly 70 million yuan in 2000 to 400 million yuan in 2004, while the consumption of water and electricity is basically the same as a few years ago. “Green Pharmaceutical” has promoted the rapid development of the company. In the first 10 months of 2006, the company realized profits and taxes for the first 50 years. It can be seen that green production is precisely the best way for companies to gain reputation, seize market opportunities, and enhance their core competitiveness.
The “green” results of promoting cleaner production The industry experts told the author that “Green Pharmaceuticals is the primary condition for research and development of harmless clean processes, and it promotes clean production through the development of new principles of green chemistry that are efficient, reasonable, and free from pollution. Realize the "ecological" cycle of the pharmaceutical industry and the "environmentally friendly" and "green" results of cleaner production.
As such, the "green pharmaceutical" concept of the four drugs reflects the true meaning of the word "green" from the small details of energy saving and energy saving to the generous development of clean technology.
In 2006, the first non-PVC multi-layer coextrusion film infusion production line was completed and put into production in Hebei Province in only 9 months. It is reported that this type of production line, from the selection of the dosage form material to the process control and then to the terminal logistics distribution, is completely "green" cleaner production. This is the perfect interpretation of the "green business philosophy" of the development and production of four drugs and the protection of the environment. Wang Zhizhong, deputy general manager in charge of production, told the author that “Compared with the traditional glass bottle and plastic bottle infusion, non-PVC multi-layer co-extruded film infusion key process to achieve full closure, effectively avoid secondary pollution. In use, non-PVC The multi-layer co-extruded film packaging infusion solution depends on its own tension and pressure to drip out the drug, eliminating the need to form an air circuit, greatly reducing the chance of secondary pollution, and is a completely new concept of fully enclosed intravenous infusion product, and the product is light in weight and effective. Stability and drug compatibility, sealing strength, not broken and easy to transport, save space, it can be said that non-PVC soft bag infusion is a revolution in the infusion production process and technology. It is understood that there are currently more than two dozen domestic Large-scale pharmaceutical companies produce this kind of infusion, and the total output is far from meeting the huge domestic market demand. Therefore, this is one of the high-tech products that the country encourages the development and use of, and it also fully reflects the high-tech, humanity, and environmental protection The characteristics of pollution. Today, the Four Pharmaceutical Industry Park is increasingly highlighting the modern, international pharmaceutical companies.
"Green Pharmaceutical" has become an inflection point for enterprises. In recent years, the input of technological transformation of four drugs has exceeded 200 million yuan. High-tech transformation not only brings good benefits, but also injects advanced management concepts and ideas into enterprises. The area of ​​6,000 square meters, the turnover of more than 20 million bottles of infusion, this workload requires at least twenty or thirty people, the use of information management logistics center now operates a total of three shifts of seven people. In the logistics center, the author saw a box of products being delivered by conveyor belts. The robots were busy carrying and palletizing. The 12-storey shelves stood high.
Automation and informatization not only achieve the first-in, first-out in a real sense, but also minimize human exposure to drugs and fully guarantee the quality of products. Technological innovation brings about changes in the concept of the company's employees, and it is also the progress of management ideas and means. "Big handwriting" has produced great benefits, but also created a big brand and laid the foundation for the status of leading enterprises in the four drug infusion industry.
Shi Jian, director of the office, told the author: “In 2001, Qu Jin proposed the development concept of 'green pharmaceuticals' and became a turning point for the company. This made Shi Si Yao embark on a scientific and rapid modern development path. Now our company’s Most of the equipment and processes are not only the most advanced in the world, but also the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving.The benefits of our company are also first-rate. In 2006, the company’s economic benefits ranked the 28th in the national pharmaceutical companies, and in the infusion production enterprises. It is among the best."
At present, 80% of Hebei's pharmaceutical companies produce raw materials, which are high in consumption and high in pollution. The concept of “Green Pharmaceutical” launched by Shisi Drugs is to create a path in such an environment. Qu Jiguang told the author that “the contents of green pharmaceuticals are many. From the production of raw materials to consumption, each one is done from the perspective of scientific development. “Zero emissions” is for “zero pollution”, and the development of enterprises cannot sacrifice the environment. At the cost of resources and resources, companies and business leaders are responsible to society. The road to “green pharmaceuticals” is not just saving, but fundamentally improving the competitiveness of companies.”

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