Danaher Motion introduces new generation of Thomson linear actuators

Danaher Motion announces the launch of the Thomson ElecTrak Pro series of electric linear actuators. This is a maintenance-free electromechanical solution that covers a wide range of standard performance. It is quick and easy to install, with high accuracy, repeatability and reliability, excellent control performance and long running time during demanding machine operation. At the same time, the price is very attractive, which can greatly benefit machine manufacturers and users.

Mark Maybee, Director of Danaher Motion Linear Actuator Business Unit, said: “The ElecTrak Pro series of linear actuators can help non-road machinery (MOH) manufacturers to make better machines faster. Ordinary linear actuators can't meet the demanding environment. The robust performance required for off-highway applications, while the advanced operation and superior control performance of expensive precision linear actuators are attractive, but often due to price factors, MOH designers are turning to hydraulic or pneumatic products.

“The ElecTrak Pro line of linear drives solves this dilemma, enabling original equipment manufacturers to benefit from lower cost, ease of installation, and higher solution performance to maintain a significant advantage in the competition. Operational control performance in harsh environments has been improved, and the superior accuracy of the equipment and zero maintenance during the life cycle will greatly increase the productivity of the equipment, thus benefiting end users."

Unlike hydraulic or pneumatic actuators, the ElecTrak Pro Series is quick and easy to install and commission, and is completely maintenance-free during the system's operating cycle. The series of actuators are compact in design and short in contraction. The housing is designed with a light weight and high hardness IP66 (also available in an IP67 protective housing). As a result, the ElecTrak Pro range is ideal for demanding, space-constrained off-highway vehicle applications such as lawn and turf care and site maintenance, as well as multi-purpose carrier and construction machinery applications, and requires extensive maintenance. Performance is superior and easier to control than hydraulic or pneumatic products with a simple “on/off” function.

With the ElecTrak Pro Series, equipment manufacturers and users will achieve significant improvements in machine capacity and efficiency and enjoy additional standard advanced controls. Among them, the built-in microprocessor's electronic load monitoring (ELM) device ensures that the actuator can maintain long life and maximum reliability in the harshest environments. The ELM continuously monitors all critical parameters and acts like an electronic clutch, stopping the operation of the actuator in time when the stroke is terminated or during the stroke. In addition, the ELM is equipped with a dynamic braking system that maintains a constant repeat pause and holds the load off when it is turned off. The microprocessor also has a signal follower that accepts signals from a remote voltage divider and can also be used for simultaneous operation of multiple actuators.

Control options include a programmable limit switch that allows the user to set and repeat a unique end of stroke position, pulse width modulation (PWM) control for variable speed control, low level switching directly controlled by a PC or PLC, and end of travel indication. The optional feedback can be either a quadrature Hall effect digital output or a linear voltage divider analog output.

The low-voltage switch option allows the actuator to be directly connected to the programmable controller, eliminating the risk of overloading sensitive low-voltage components. It also allows the user to control the actuator with low-cost switches instead of bulky relays while making the cable section of the control circuit smaller. Ultimately, the installation is easier, faster and more cost effective.

The casing and extension tubes of the ElecTrak Pro series are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Compared to the traditional nut/screw design, the ElecTrak Pro series supports the guide rail with an integral nut, increasing the available static column load by 20%, thus ensuring a more robust device. Safe and powerful. The wiring is placed in a die-cast aluminum housing, making the connection quicker and safer. Its ball screw has a maximum thrust of 2,000 lbs and the lead screw has a maximum thrust of 750 lbs. When standard mode is not suitable for the real world, ElecTrak Pro Series actuators can be customized and configured to meet the highest application requirements while achieving cost-effective and market-leading performance.

As a product that replaces hydraulic cylinders in MOH vehicle systems, electric actuators are increasingly popular in many ways to increase productivity while reducing costs. It eliminates the cumbersome hydraulic pump and the troublesome hoses and water valves, and minimizes the environmental damage caused by unavoidable liquid leakage. In addition, the control of the electric actuator is simpler and easier to operate, increasing the safety factor of the operator and reducing fatigue. Moreover, it can push or pull the heaviest load and can be positioned like a hydraulic system without relying on auxiliary brakes, directional control valves or the load itself.

System Description

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System Features

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