National Alternative Energy Policy Changes May Disrupt Coal Chemical Industry Development Route

In recent days, the country has deliberately adjusted its energy efficiency policy, first halting the grain ethanol fuel project; last month, the media also stated that the government has halted the “coal oil” project, citing “coal "Oil" is a huge expense, especially water consumption, and it is an unsustainable development project.

And in the "11th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development" released by the National Development and Reform Commission in April this year, it is also proposed that coal-based (coal-to-oil), biomass-based liquid fuels, and coal chemical technologies should be accelerated for longer-term oil substitution. Lay the foundation for industrial development. In fact, if the development of coal-based oil is an integral part of the long-term energy strategy, it should not be arbitrarily changed. China has abundant coal resources, so coal chemical industry has great prospects. This has great practical significance for the rational and effective use of coal resources and improving the level of environmental protection.

Analysts used to estimate that in the case of adopting coal-to-oil technology with international precedents to produce fuel, if it is to invest 100 billion yuan each year, China will form about 40 million yuan through coal-to-oil projects five years later. - The self-sufficient supply capacity of 50 million tons of refined oil products will not only have an influential change in the pattern of China's energy dependence on oil, but will also greatly change the international market's expectations for China's oil demand. Since coal-to-liquids is a large investment in coal chemical industry, if coal-to-liquids are subject to major adjustments, this will inevitably have a major impact on the coal chemical industry.

Although the coal chemical industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, it is still basically in the "laboratory phase" and has not undergone large-scale industrial production. Frequent changes in the national alternative energy policy will confuse the development direction of China's coal chemical industry.

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