Tailema Retarder Thailand Receives High User Rating

In early 2013, Shaanxi Auto Import and Export Corporation sold batches of Talemar electric eddy current retarder vehicles to Thailand. Since its use, users have shown that Tellema's eddy current retarder has a very good braking effect and can make the operation of vehicles more secure. .

Tyrema eddy current retarder is the world's number one brand. With nearly one hundred years of technology accumulation and matching experience with global OEMs, installing Tamerma retarder is safer, more fuel efficient, more economical, and more reliable. Greatly reduce the operating costs of vehicles. It is a globally recognized retarder with the highest price-performance ratio and the lowest comprehensive cost of use.

Taylor Malo retarder effectively shortens the braking distance by 30%, which can effectively improve the braking performance of a moving vehicle. In EU countries, after installing the Telma retarder, the insurance premium of the vehicle is reduced by 5%. It can be seen that the improvement of the vehicle safety performance of the Telma retarder has been widely recognized by the international community.

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Derrick FLC2000 PMD Shaker Screen

Derrick FLC2000 PMD Shaker Screen

Replacement Screens for Derrick FLC 2000 / 48 × 30 Shale Shaker – PMD

Technical Parameter

  • Material: stainless steel 304/316/316 L.
  • Construction Type: PMD (pyramid).
  • Wear Mesh Shape: rectangle.
  • API RP 13 C Designation: API 20–API 325.
  • Series: DX, DF, HP optional.
  • Color: green.
  • Package: 2 pcs per carton, packed in wooden case

SJ-Derrick FLC2000 PMD shaker screen is manufactured based on the innovated design of Derrick Corporation. This type of shaker screen is constructed of multiple layers of stainless steel wire mesh cloth with different densities. Arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the finished Shale Shaker Screen with revolutionary three-dimensional corrugated screens structure. Pyramid screens offer 125% to 150% usable areas of traditional flat multi-layered screens. And the fluid capacity also has been increased.

Adaptable Shale Shaker Model

SJ-Derrick FLC2000 PMD shaker screen are used as the substitute screen for

  • Derrick FLC (Flo-Line Cleaner) 2000 3-panel shaker.
  • Derrick FLC (Flo-Line Cleaner) 2000 4-panel shaker.
  • Derrick 48-30 shale shaker.
  • Derrick FLC (Flo-Line Cleaner) 2000 series mud cleaners.
  • Derrick FLC Plus, FLC with AWD, HI-G dryer.

Competitive Advantage

  • API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant.
  • Resistant to corrosion, high temperature and collision.
  • Larger area and higher conductance.
  • Increase shaker capacity and reduce mud loss.
  • Scientific & reasonable cost control system for competitive price.
  • Higher flow rates without sacrificing cut point integrity.
  • Adequate inventory in the shortest time to meet customers' demand.
Derrick FLC2000 PMD Shaker Screen


Derrick, FLC 2000, PMD, DX, DF, HP are marks of Derrick Corporation.

ShengJia only produces the replacement screens but not original from Derrick

Derrick FLC2000 PMD shaker screen

Derrick FLC2000 PMD shaker screen

Derrick Flc2000 Pmd Shaker Screen,Derrick Flc2000 Shale Shaker Screen ,Derrick Flc2000 Pyramid Shaker Screen,Derrick Flc2000 Pyramid Shale Shaker Screen

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