Oven aging test how to set the temperature point

How to Set the Temperature Point of the Oven Aging Test The effectiveness of accelerating aging at a high temperature to predict the life of a rubber material under actual conditions depends on whether the aging mechanism of the material under high temperature is consistent with its actual temperature. Therefore, the test temperature is an important test condition and must be carefully selected. If the election is too low, the test time is too long and it is not economical. If the election is too high, although the speed of aging will be accelerated and the test time will be shortened, the test results may not be reliable. The principle of selecting the test temperature generally is that the lower limit of the temperature is about 20 to 40° C. higher than the actual temperature, and the upper limit of the temperature is about 20 to 40° C. lower than the decomposition temperature of the material. Studies have shown that not only the choice of temperature point has a significant impact on the test results, but also that reducing the test temperature at cold spots is more important than reducing the effect of high temperature spots. Therefore, for which temperature range a certain rubber should be selected, choosing which temperature point to perform the aging test requires an in-depth study of the aging mechanism. Can not be used in order to shorten the test period and easily choose a higher aging temperature, so as not to affect the accuracy of the test results.

For the oven accelerated aging test, studies have shown that the temperature fluctuation of the oven has a great influence on the aging results. If the temperature fluctuation amplitude is 2°C (±1°C), the measured lifetime error is 10%; if the temperature fluctuation amplitude is 4°C (± 2°C), the lifetime error is 35%. In general, the ovens work by heating the air through the wall of the oven. This is the main reason for the temperature difference in the oven. To reduce this effect, the air in the oven can be used to solve the problem, but the strong air blowing will accelerate the addition of the ingredients. Migration, this contradiction can be resolved by asking for a break.

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