Self-priming sewage pump maintenance and water pump troubleshooting

Self-priming sewage pump maintenance:

(1) Check if there is any looseness in the self-priming pump piping and joints. Turn the self-priming pump by hand or tool to see if the sewage pump is flexible.

(2) Try to control the flow rate and lift of the self-priming pump within the range indicated on the label to ensure that the self-priming pump operates at the highest efficiency point to obtain the maximum energy-saving effect.

(3) During the operation of the self-priming pump, the bearing temperature must not exceed the ambient temperature 35C, and the maximum temperature must not exceed 80C.

(4) If abnormal sound is found in the self-priming pump, stop immediately to check the cause.

(5) When the sewage pump is to be stopped, close the gate valve and pressure gauge first, and then stop the motor.

(6) When the self-priming sewage pump is not used for a long time and is used during the winter season, it is necessary to unscrew the screw plug of the lower part of the pump body to remove the medium. Prevent freezing cracks. (If it is sewage, please clean the pump chamber with clean water)

(7) Seriously listen to whether the running sound of the motor is abnormal. Because the noise in the engine room during operation is relatively large, you can use a screwdriver or a hearing stick to assist in listening to both ends of the motor. If you listen to it often, you will not only find the motor and its dragging. The bad vibration of dynamic equipment, even the number of internal bearing oil can be judged, so that the timely addition of bearing oil, or replace the new bearing and other appropriate measures to deal with, to avoid the lack of dry grinding motor bearings and locked, go outside the circle, broom Burned out.

Failure of the pump to eliminate the pump head is not enough 1, the stainless steel self-priming pump to transport corrosive liquid when the impeller corrosion serious? Replace the new impeller 2, the performance of the pump can not meet the design requirements? In accordance with the design requirements of Boao pump 3, the speed is not enough? Check the current, restore the speed 4, the gap between the semi-open impeller and the pump cover is too large? Reduce the gap pump vibration serious 1, pump and motor shaft misalignment? Correcting, aligning the axis of the pump with the motor 2, bending the pump shaft? Remove the straight or replace the new 3, Impeller imbalance? Remove the balance to find the water pump bearing overheating 1, lubricating oil (fat) is not enough or not enough? Add lubricant (fat) to the required standard 2, pump and motor shaft misalignment? Correction, alignment pump and motor shaft 3, bearing damage? Replacement of new Bo Hao pump bearing pump mechanical seal leakage serious 1, lack of spring pressure? Re-adjust the amount of spring compression or change the spring, dynamic change or static ring face corrosion, wear or scratch? Repair or replace bad moving ring static ring 3, fixing screws loose, make the spring lose its function? Fasten the screw or readjust the spring 4. Is the assembly of the ring seal inclined or corroded? Reinstall or replace the dynamic ring seal of Bo Hao pump 5, static ring assembly skew? Re-installing Bo-Hui pump static ring 6, sleeve machining accuracy and finish is not enough, affecting the axial movement of the ring? Replacement machining accuracy of the sleeve 7, impurities, foreign bodies or media crystal affect the axial movement of the moving ring or support the dynamic and static ring between the end face? Elimination of foreign matter, foreign matter, and crystallization, thoroughly cleaning the sealing element Pump packing seal leakage serious 1, the packing pressure too loose? Tighten the packing gland to a suitable level. 2. Is the packing device not good? Adjust the filling lap, make it staggered at a certain angle not in one direction 3, fillers of different sizes or wear serious? Replace the uniform model of the Bo Hao filler 4, the poor quality of the filler seal is not good? Replace the asbestos filler that meets the requirements. 5. Is the bushing too worn? Replace the bushing pump motor overheating 1, the use of range (flow, head) exceeds the pump design requirements? According to the series type spectrum, select the appropriate motor 2, the specific gravity of the medium exceeds the configuration of the pump? Is the proper motor for the Bosch pump 3, too tight on the packing gland pressure, or too tight on the mechanical seal spring? Re-adjust the spring compression of the gland or mechanical seal. 4. Pump assembly quality is poor. Is there any friction or misalignment between the motor and the pump shaft? Check assembly quality and eliminate assembly failure

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