Harbin Institute of Technology photocatalytic new achievements in the removal of nitrate in sewage to provide new ideas

Agricultural runoff and municipal wastewater treatment plants often contain high levels of nitrate in the tail water. These high levels of wastewater entering lakes and rivers can stimulate the soaring of algae, deteriorating water quality, reducing biodiversity, and degrading aquatic ecosystems. In addition, the pollution of nitrate in tap water is also a difficult problem that plagues many countries. How to remove nitrates in wastewater efficiently and economically has always been a challenge.

Recently, the Harbin Institute of Technology State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Water Environment, Ren Renqi academician team members You World Professor and Ph.D. Liu Guoshuai's research results "non-linear optical materials efficient photocatalytic denitrification" Recently in the field of environmental science and engineering world-renowned journals Environmental Science & Technology and was selected as Headline News on the homepage.

Nitrate in the aquatic environment leads to the eutrophication of water bodies and the potential risk of diseases such as methemoglobin and blue infantism after entering the human body. The removal of low concentrations of nitrates in water is a long-term challenge for the water treatment community. The traditional methods are generally inefficient, poorly selective and difficult to control side effects. HIT researchers revealed for the first time the nitrate law in highly efficient photocatalytic reduction water of nonlinear optical materials with a removal rate of 98% and a nitrogen selectivity of up to 95%. The results show that the nonlinear optical material has a unique internal polarization effect, which is different from the traditional semiconductor materials. It can effectively avoid the recombination of holes and electrons, and causes the nitrate to directly undergo heterogeneous reduction reaction in the conduction band and the electron. Thus, A higher reduction efficiency and stability. This study provides new ideas, new materials and new methods for the efficient, simple and green removal of nitrate from water.

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