Level gauge measurement

Level gauge measurement Level Gauge Measurement - Liquid level gauge is the liquid in industrial production equipment. It plays a leading role in industrial automation system. The measurement of liquid level, material level and interface is collectively referred to as level measurement and is divided into liquid levels according to specific purposes. , level, interface sensor or transmitter.

The liquid level measurement plays an important role in the industrial automation system and is an important parameter for ensuring the continuity of production and the safety of the equipment. For example, in the case of continuous production, maintaining the stability of the liquid level in certain equipments (such as steam boilers, evaporators, etc.) is essential to ensure the safety of production and equipment. For example, if the water level of a large-scale boiler fluctuates too much, there is a danger that it will dry out if the water is stopped for several dozen minutes. Another example is the level control of the bottom layer of the copper wash tower in the production of ammonia. If the liquid level is too high, the refining gas will be brought with the liquid, leading to catalyst poisoning in the synthesis tower; conversely, if the liquid level is too low, the liquid sealing effect will be lost and high pressure gas will be generated. Into the regeneration system, causing serious accidents.

Although the selection and use of liquid level measuring instruments are closely related to the production process, the purpose of using level gauges is mainly the following:

(1) The volume or weight of the stored material in the container is measured correctly, ie the purpose of the level measurement is for metering and economic accounting.

(2) Monitor the liquid level in the container and issue an alarm to the allowable upper and lower limits of the liquid level. That is, there is no need to continuously detect and output the specific value of the liquid level, as long as the switch signal to change the liquid level is output.

(3) Continuous monitoring of production and adjustment, the liquid level is maintained at the required height, ie the instantaneous signal value required to continuously output the liquid level from the level detection instrument.

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