Dongfeng Jug Fire Truck

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Introduction Dongfeng Water Tank Fire Truck is a special vehicle for fire emergency fire fighting. In addition to equipped with fire-fighting pumps and equipment, there are also large-capacity storage tanks, water guns, and water cannons. Water and firefighters can be transported to the fire to fight fires on their own. It can also directly save water from water sources, or supply water to other fire engines and fire suppression devices. In water-scarce areas, it can also be used as a water supply and water transport vehicle. It is suitable for fighting general fires. It is a fire-fighting vehicle for public security fire brigades and enterprises and professional fire brigades.

Classification Dongfeng Xiaobawang Water Tank Fire Truck, Dongfeng Dolika Water Tank Fire Truck, Dongfeng 145 Water Tank Fire Truck, Dongfeng 153 Water Tank Fire Truck, Dongfeng Rear Shuangqiao Water Tank Fire Truck, Dongfeng Front and Rear Eight Water Tank Fire Engine, Dongfeng Tianlong water tank fire truck, Dongfeng Tianjin water tank fire truck, etc.

Fire fighting equipment Standard fire fighting equipment: fire hose, water filter, water separator, fire hose, water hose hook, hose cloth, different diameter interface, same type interface, DC water gun, hydrant transition joint, flowering water gun , DC switch water gun, sheep, ground wrenches, suction pipe wrenches, belt guard bridges, mixer pipettes, waist axe, fire axe, shovels, files.

Emergency equipment for rescue equipment: ladders, bamboo ladders, etc., motorized chain saws, hydraulic expansion pliers, portable universal cutters, climbers, lifting air cushions, pneumatic rescue tools, gas cutters, axes, picks, pliers , etc.

Protective equipment Selective protective equipment: fire fighting helmets, fire fighting suits, fire fighting gloves and fire boots, fire safety belts and safety hooks, respiratory protection equipment, chemical protective clothing, fire escape suits, mobile gas supply, double cylinder respirator , Anti-chemical gloves, electrical insulating gloves, cut-proof gloves, high temperature gloves, anti-chemical safety boots and so on.

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