Chinese Opportunities for Realizing Car Dreams in Third and Fourth Line Markets

Compared to the primary and secondary markets, all aspects of the 3 or 4 level automobile market are not yet mature. To seize the opportunity, it is necessary for car companies to do more.

With the implementation of “restricted purchases and limited lines”, the growth rate of the primary-class auto market has gradually slowed down, and the secondary and tertiary markets have become the main market for the Chinese auto industry. In order to maintain the continuous growth of the market, the car sales network has been sinking to the tertiary market. On the 7th China Auto 2nd and 3rd Market Forum and the launching ceremony for the 10th Anniversary of the Top 100 Exhibition organized by China Automotive News on December 7, Mao Chunming, deputy general manager of Jiangling Motors Sales Corporation, proposed that Chinese people realize automobiles. Dream opportunities are in the third and fourth line markets.

He said that compared with the primary and secondary markets, all aspects of the three or four-tier automobile market are not yet mature. To seize the opportunity, it is necessary for car companies to do more, including channel sinking, product development, service protection, and brand promotion. etc.

"The issue of channels bears the brunt. Whether it is multi-brand sales or single-brand channel sales, it is necessary to plan for more management based on the company's own situation, to narrow the distance between consumers and third and fourth-tier consumers," he said. At the same time, it is necessary to provide more products based on the characteristics of the tertiary and tertiary markets, and strictly develop products that meet China's advantages in the tertiary market.

In addition to the simple layout of sales outlets and products, it is more important for consumers in the 3rd and 4th and below markets to also provide comprehensive marketing services. Therefore, “service sinking” as the three or four levels of automotive marketing under the background of network expansion. Means are very important.

In addition, due to the lack of human resources in the primary and secondary markets in the tertiary and tertiary markets, companies should focus on facing the third- and fourth-tier markets, and insist on localization training for those who are familiar with local conditions and have modern marketing methods.

"After more than 20 years of hard work, China's car dream is working hard to achieve. However, in the face of traffic jams in the primary market followed by the phenomenon of "shaking the number of cars" and "limited number of lines", we have to admit that the use of three or four levels The market came to realize the dream of the Chinese car." Mao Chunming lamented.

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