The role of throttle cleaning

The throttle is one of the most important parts of the car. Many novice drivers are not very familiar with the relevant functions of the car throttle. The following is some of the knowledge about the car throttle that the small series has compiled for the riders to help the riders. We are more aware of the related role of the car throttle and why it is necessary to clean the car throttle.


The function of the throttle is simply a device that can control the throttle of the car. This device can control the amount of air intake and indirectly control the amount of fuel injected. Therefore, people need to regularly clean the throttle to maintain the normal operation of the throttle, but what is the role of cleaning the throttle regularly? Let's look at it together.

After the gas enters the intake pipe, it will be mixed with gasoline to form a combustible mixture, which will burn and work. It can be said that the throttle is a controllable valve that controls the entry of air into the engine. It is also called the throat of a car engine. The throttle has two kinds of traditional pull-wire type and electronic throttle. The traditional engine throttle control mechanism is connected by a cable or a pull rod, one end is connected to the accelerator pedal, and the other end is connected to the throttle linkage plate. The electronic throttle mainly controls the opening angle of the throttle valve according to the energy required by the engine through the throttle position sensor, thereby adjusting the amount of intake air.

Sometimes owners are often plagued by cleaning throttles because the throttle opening is too low for most of the time. The air flows through the throttle gap at a very high speed, and the accumulated dust has an influence on the air flow rate exceeding the throttle adjustment capability.


We must know that the danger of the car owner cleaning the throttle valve from time to time is very large. If the throttle valve is dirty, it will cause a certain error in the opening of the throttle valve. The engine combustion chamber will enter the air with impurities, the former will make The vehicle's fuel consumption increases, the latter will delay the engine's power output, and these two results will lead to engine idling instability; high-speed driving suddenly sudden stall, power loss and other problems, severe start-up difficulties and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, in order to avoid these situations, the owner of the car is required to regularly check and clean the car throttle.

In fact, if you want to talk about cleaning, the main thing to clean is that the carbon and glue on the throttle can improve the power of the car. Generally, it can be cleaned after 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers.

Need to pay attention to the owner, after cleaning the car throttle, do not forget to initialize it, the specific process of initialization is also very simple, the specific operation is to first open two key, at this time the dashboard indicator is fully bright, After waiting for 20 seconds, step on the throttle to keep it for about 10 seconds, loosen the throttle, turn off the ignition switch, and pull out the key. Then open the two keys and keep it for about 30 seconds. Turn off the ignition and pull out the key. The initialization is complete.


The above is the role and benefits of the small series for the owners to clean the throttle regularly, hoping to help the owner.

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