Take you to know the refrigerated car transmission

Those who do not understand the structure of a refrigerated truck may not understand the gearbox too well. In the powertrain of a refrigerated truck, the gearbox occupies a relatively major component. It is the transmission of power from the engine of the vehicle to the transmission after passing through the clutch, and it is more appropriate to change the transmission after passing through the transmission. After the speed ratio, the transmission shaft is assigned to the driving wheel of the refrigerated truck. The good or bad transmission performance of a refrigerated vehicle directly affects the handling and comfort of the vehicle's driving.

The refrigerated vehicle transmission is also part of the transmission system of the vehicle. The entire drive system of the refrigerated vehicle includes the drive axle, clutch, universal rotating device, and transmission. The drive axle includes the differential, main reducer, drive axle housing, and half shaft. Universal joints include universal joints and transmission shafts. The refrigerated vehicle transmission is installed between the universal transmission and the clutch. It is also the most important part of the entire transmission system. The front end of the vehicle transmission has friction plates connected to the output shaft, the flywheel housing, and the clutch in the winter, and the rear end is connected to the upper joint, the universal joint and the shift lever. The lower position is connected to the rear bracket and the front bracket and the frame.  

In the entire process of using the refrigerated truck, the transmission is in a normal use unit and can delay its use period. The long-term transportation of refrigerated trucks requires constant inspection of the mileage of the clutch pedals to observe whether the clutch has been completely separated and fully integrated. If not, this will directly result in the performance of the transmission gear and the service life of the synchronizer. When refrigerated trucks are used for transport driving, emergency braking and rapid acceleration cannot be used frequently. When the refrigerated truck is started, the transmission is out of neutral and the clutch is fully integrated. It should be idling for a few minutes. The splash of gear oil makes it possible to obtain good lubrication between gears, gears, synchronizers and bearings. The transmission should not use neutral gear sliding, especially when driving downhill sections. Because driving characteristics at this time is for the rear wheels to promote the refrigerated truck and high-speed operation. The speed of the gears of the transmission will also be relatively high. If it is cut into the neutral gear, the speed of the shaft in the middle will be relatively low, which will cause the amount of spatter of the gear oil to become less, which will easily lead to the synchronizer and bearing. Burned.

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