Submersible pump does not start after the water, less water or intermittent water

The reasons for the failure are: over-current parts such as filters, impeller, diversion shell, Yang pipe and other components are blocked, or Yang pipe rupture, then often appear ammeter readings and pointer violent swing, the unit, pipeline vibration The phenomenon should be shut down to check and clean up, if necessary, should be replaced Yang pipe; unit normal operation, but less water, the reason is overcurrent part of the local block, supporting unreasonable, or need to lift more than the rated head of the pump too much, this situation Need to change a higher lift pump, it may be the impeller turned the opposite direction, just the introduction of any two-phase exchange can be, if the seal ring or impeller wear, you should promptly replace the seal ring, repair or replacement Impeller; unit rotation normal, but no water, the main reason is that moving water level in the pumping process decreased too much, can be closed on the small water gate valve to reduce the amount of water, or pump down, if the depth of decentralization reaches or exceeds the provisions of the pump The use of the range is still not ideal, then the pump improper selection should be replaced by a smaller flow pump.

Bronze Flange

we have pure bronze flange and bi-metallic flange,we also produce nibco flange,the material is CC491K and CC499K,bronze flange,bi-metallic flange,nibco bronze flange,gunmetal flange

bronze flange,bi-metallic flange,nibco bronze flange,gunmetal flange

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