Seedlings of vegetable seedlings in early spring must be seen three times

Protected cultivation of eggplant and melon vegetables, transplanting of seedlings from early February to late March. At this time, the temperature is still low, the light is weak, and sometimes frost attacks, often affecting the quality of vegetable transplants. Therefore, in the early spring, the seedlings of the vegetable seedlings must be looked at in three ways and they are indispensable.

First, look at the sky: solanaceous vegetables and melon vegetables to be transplanted to seize the "cold tail warmer," can avoid freezing injury, but also fight for early maturity. The transfer of seedlings should be carried out in the sunny morning. The best way to protect the vegetables is to transplant them and plant them. If the weather is not good, even if the seedlings are very strong, they cannot be transplanted, so as not to affect the quality of colonization.

Second, look at the land: Solanaceous vegetables and melon vegetables should be transplanted when the soil is dry and wet to facilitate the survival of the seedlings. The protective vegetable seedlings shall be covered with mulch after transplanting, so as to keep warm and keep warm. One day before transplanting seedlings, seedlings or nutritious pots should be irrigated so that the roots can be transferred without moving the soil. Even if the seedlings are overage, they must ensure that the soil is properly planted under dry and wet conditions.

Third, to see seedlings: eggplant and melon vegetables to choose strong seedlings transplanting. Miao Zhuang, both anti-low temperature, anti-night cream, but also early hair trees. Before the seedlings are transplanted, the seedlings shall be taken to make them adaptable to the new environment soon after they are transplanted. Seedlings should be soiled, fertilized, with water, and transplanted with herbs in order to facilitate the seedlings to grow robustly. If the seedlings are weak, even if the soil is wet and dry, and the weather is good, it is not advisable to transplant and colonize plants too early, so that the seedlings will not affect the yield due to the poor resilience of the seedlings after transplanting.

Author: Hu Hui

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