China's first largest hot bending equipment came out

On April 2nd, China's first 1620mm large-scale hot-bending pipe bending machine was successfully developed by China National Petroleum Pipeline Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is the hottest elbow equipment with the highest processing capacity and technical content in China.

The development of a 1620 mm large-scale hot-bending pipe bending machine is a key scientific research project of the Pipeline Bureau and one of the specific arrangements for the Pipeline Bureau to enhance the construction capacity of the main business. The project has been successfully developed from the project to the development. Director Su Shifeng has been paying close attention to it. It is required to be the largest, most functional and most automated pipe bending machine in China.

As a project undertaker, the mechanical company has established a strong research group, combining more than 20 years of experience in hot bending and bending with advanced equipment information at home and abroad, and through optimized design, fine processing and simulation experiments, finally developed the domestic current The largest hot bending machine. The 1620mm large diameter hot bending machine can be made of induction heating elbows such as low carbon steel, alloy steel and X80 grade pipeline steel. The maximum processing diameter is 1620 mm, the wall thickness is 40 mm, and the maximum bending degree is 95 degrees. The whole system is controlled by computer system, which enables real-time monitoring, measurement and recording. After the initial test, a sample of a bent pipe with a diameter of 1,620 mm and a wall thickness of 40 mm was successfully bent.

The successful development of this scientific research project not only satisfies the requirements of the pipeline bureau to open up the domestic and international pipeline market, but also has extraordinary significance for perfecting its pipeline industry chain and building a pipeline engineering specialized company with international competitiveness. From the demonstration effect, the equipment has reached the domestic advanced level, filled the blank of the domestic large-scale pipe bending technology, and at the same time made technical equipment for the construction of the large-diameter pipeline project of the West-East Gas Pipeline, China, Russia and Central Asia. ready. In the next period, the Pipeline Bureau will also develop large-diameter, ultra-wall-thick, high-steel pipe fittings manufacturing equipment, and truly build the machinery company into the strongest large-scale bending and pipe fittings R&D and manufacturing center in China, leading the industry's technological progress.

Su Shifeng, director of the Bureau of Pipeline, Cao Huaguang, deputy director, Ma Wei and Shi Xingquan, the old leader of the group company, attended the ceremony of the new equipment ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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