Modification of screw air compressor

2 Abstract Screw air compressors are widely used, and the application of equipment in different working environments is an important question. In the unfavorable working environment of the equipment operation, the boundary screw air compressor is specially modified. The experience gained is for your reference.

The screw 7 press is stable and the operation and maintenance are still available. The failure rate is low and the application is very extensive. Our company is a large private glass production enterprise, the kiln head atomizing gas source, the raw material mixed gas source, etc., which are difficult to solve with high screwing degree. We judge that the lubricating oil temperature is high. The oil sample analysis is normal, but after replacing the new lubricating oil and oil filter, the running time is not long. It has 93 at the beginning, and the shortest running time is only in 2001. The over-temperature alarm phenomenon of the main engine head occurs, and the over-temperature shutdown is soon 0 The normal use period of the lubricating oil filter is 2000, the price is high, the unused period is frequently replaced, and the production cost is greatly increased, which is extremely unfavorable for production stability.

Upon careful inspection, it was found that the cooler of the screw machine was short and fine welded, and the oil cooler and air cooler were concentrated in the overall structure. The cooling blood volume is not large. The cooling device requires a new cooler, which is separately cooled by the lubricating oil. The crude oil cooling unit outlet is connected to the new oil cooler inlet, and the internal oil pressure is used. Muscle damage alone water source into the cold machine New Timing Post Hill cooler installed in the machine does not install the pre-cooler location I plant procurement, the father 0.6, can also use the suspending structure = treatment cooling water quality because of me The company's current use of circulating cooling water cooling water source from the Xixiaojiang 3 km away from the plant area is not softened when the softening water system is installed, only conservative treatment, the appropriate amount of chemical agents in the ring water pool for treatment. The stripping agent is first applied, the attachments in the equipment piping are removed, and then the bactericidal algaecide is put into the apparatus. Kill algae microorganisms in the water. Eliminate the impurity sludge and strengthen the bottom of the pool. Increase the filling of clean water sources. Avoid the damage, dye the final release of the descaling agent in the circulating pool, reduce the height of the sputum, do not allow fouling and internal blockage or the inlet water temperature is high, once the cooling effect is reduced, it will cause The oil temperature is too high, causing the machine head to overheat. The circulating water used by our company for equipment cooling reduces the temperature of the cooling water. The route of the water circulation is that the cold water source of the circulating pool is taken from the Xixiaojiang River near the plant area. After coarse filtration, the tank is directly injected into the pool and pressurized by the water pump. It is transported to the used equipment, and the circulating pool of the circulating circulation pool is used. It is not softened. Some impurities in the water are sent to the cooling tower by the water pump. The cooling tower is cooled down and then flows into the cold water. Xia Yu; season, it is necessary to clean the cooler frequently and replace the lubricating oil and oil filter to maintain the normal operation of the equipment. However, this type of screw air compressor is a box type structure, and the internal structure is very compact. It is difficult to remove and clean the cooler, it takes time and labor, the purchase cost of the lubricating oil filter is expensive, and the burial + timely will affect the normal production.

After research and decision, we will solve the problem of adding oil cooler to the machine from the following aspects. To expand the cooling area, we will thoroughly clean the cooler installed in the machine, and prepare the part with scaling and siltation. The descaling solution is chemically treated to ensure the best heat transfer. In addition we set the pool. For the summer temperature, the cooling tower cooling effect is not good. The cooling water temperature is 1. We add some external 4 machines to strengthen the cooling. In addition, the original cooling towers are all turned on, reducing the amount of water treated by a single unit to ensure the cooling water. The temperature is below 30, which meets the requirements for equipment use.

After the 乍 1 is completed. The test of the test is the ambient temperature of 39. In the case of a new replacement of the lubricating oil cooler, the temperature of the head is reduced from the original 931 to the current 84. The operation is very stable. When the lubrication is used, the use temperature is 2,000. The head temperature is only 9698, which fully meets the operation requirements of the equipment. It is also possible to adjust the amount of cooling water according to the change of temperature and the operation of the equipment. The temperature control is very convenient and the effect is very good. The equipment has been tested for many times and has not been overheated.

Operating parameters before the transformation, the head temperature, oil cooler, outlet, ambient temperature, lubricant usage time, h, 2000, above, cooling water temperature, l, this time, the evaluation of the 132 type screw air compressor, the investment is very small, only, added A small oil cooler works well. Adults save the high cost of frequently changing lubricating oil filters, reduce the labor of maintenance personnel, ensure the stability of production, and how to improve the equipment used in some unsatisfactory working environments. Efficiency, extremely useful = produce different specifications of glass when you go to page 27. This can meet the requirements of producing a variety of specifications at the same time. If mechanized stacking is used, the stacking cycle of the stacker can be solved, and the number of stackers can be reduced, saving investment.

3.3 Edge-to-road cutting function The cross-cutting machine and the edge tracking control system are interlocked, which can realize the position change of the cutting point of the cross-cutting machine, so as to realize the function of cutting the qualified board in the maximum range, and increase the production line. The cutting rate at normal times is especially produced when the amount of drift varies greatly.

The whole line tracking and cutting function cross-cutting machine and the full-line control interlock can realize the whole line tracking of different quality and different quality glass to different destinations, and record the quality of each glass and the defects and position of each piece of glass; The lifting function has the function of detecting lack of oil and gas and fault lifting.

3.6 The automatic function is interlocked with the broken bridge sensor, which can automatically lift the knife when the glass breaks. 3.7 Periodically, the product can be cut periodically.

4 equipment control 1 is called high performance and cost-effective; 9030 and high-performance Panasonic digital intelligent AC servo drive system, with specially developed and long-tested control software. Make system + only with high control accuracy and reach. The perfect combination of plant sensitivity and stability All parameters can be set on the touch screen, including the board 1 board width starting point falling point return speed and acceleration and deceleration manual debugging speed measuring wheel and diagonal calibration horizontal control parameters and limit protection During the automatic cutting process of setting parameters, the knife can be operated at any time, so that the tool can skip the broken glass ribbon, which not only protects the knife but also avoids the long glass ribbon.

The advanced speed tracking function ensures the synchronization of the cutter head speed and the glass ribbon speed during the falling knife. In addition, the selection and processing of the cross-cutting machine design and the procurement of standard parts must be strictly controlled. It is also necessary to make improvements and improvements in the equipment such as the horizontal cutting machine and the side conveyor.

Solenoid Diaphragm Metering Pump

As the name suggests, Diaphragm Metering Pump using a special design and processing of flexible diaphragm instead of the piston, under the action of the drive mechanism to achieve reciprocating motion, complete the suction - discharge process. Due to the segregation of the diaphragm, the isolation between the metering fluid and the driving lubrication mechanism is realized in the structure. High-tech structural design and the selection of new materials has greatly improved the service life of the diaphragm, coupled with excellent corrosion resistance of composite materials, diaphragm metering pumps become the main application of fluid measurement pump type.

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