Innovation and development of triangular tires counterattack market

In 2014, total sales of triangular tires increased by 5% year-on-year. At the same time, its foreign trade has maintained double-digit growth, and its comprehensive benefits continue to maintain its leading position in the industry.

One of the hottest words in China in 2014 was the “new normal” of the economy. The market environment of the tire industry has undergone tremendous changes under the “new normal”. On the one hand, its downstream automotive and other industries gradually bid farewell to the era of huge profits, leading to increasingly fierce competition in the tires and other parts industries in the country, coupled with the overcapacity of the entire industry, the company's market pressure continues to increase; the other hand, the United States and other countries have successively China's tires have implemented "double anti-subsidies" (anti-subsidy, anti-dumping). The devaluation of the currencies of emerging economies such as Russia has caused nearly half of the domestic tire industry that exports tires to be severely crushed in the international market.

Innovation and Change Triangle Tire Counterattack Market
Triangle tire settled in Tmall

Against the backdrop of the new normal, the profits of traditional manufacturing industries such as automobiles and tires are no longer significant. The market growth rate has turned from double digits to single digits, and even a meager profit has emerged. Some companies find it difficult to adapt to this change and complain.

Faced with this new market situation, Ding Yuhua, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Triangle Tire Co., Ltd., believes that under the new normal of economic development, enterprises cannot wait passively, but must change in a timely manner to grasp the development characteristics of new industrialization and build a global presence. Development of the "marketing people" concept.

In 2014, due to factors such as overcapacity and the “double reverse” in the United States, the Chinese tire industry experienced a severe market test, and many companies’ operating rates even fell below 60%. In such a severe situation, one company still appears to be calm, not only operating at 100%, but also achieving good economic benefits. This company is Delta Triangle Co., Ltd.

Triangle Tire Co., Ltd., with its innovative and innovative thinking, has made every effort to promote the second round of transformation and upgrading with the construction of new tire industry productivity and a global value chain. They set up a product planning committee to actively study the various market segments and formulate a product development road map in accordance with different regions and different consumption characteristics of the world, forming a new pattern of sustained and healthy development of “generation of production, R&D of generations, and generation of reserves”.

After continuing to optimize and adjust the product structure and market structure, the proportion of high-performance tires for passenger tires of Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. reached 45% or more, and the proportion of products with 16-inch or more reached over 23%. The improved snow tires and giant engineering radial tires have won wide acclaim and sales have increased dramatically: After the listing of new generation of snow tires, the performance has been further optimized, and its market sales have increased by 22% year-on-year. The performance of run-flat tires has reached Europe. Standard 4 times or more.

Innovation and Change Triangle Tire Counterattack Market
Innovation and development of triangular tires counterattack market

Strategic Perspective Lets "Old Firms" Rejuvenate

In October 2014, Triangle tires landed on Tmall. This opened a new model for O2O e-commerce.

Ding Yuhua believes that as an "old company" with a history of nearly 40 years, Triangle Tire Company needs to constantly inject new vitality factors and activate various aspects of the company's cells in order to push the company to a new level. He realized earlier that the Internet's drive for business models, product models, marketing models, and service models will revolutionize traditional industries such as tires, and will revolutionize corporate concepts and organizational processes.

Triangle Tire began a new "Marketing Network Trip." In addition to the e-commerce channel “online store” construction, in 2014, Triangle Tire also promoted three types of store models, “flagship store, hangout store, and image store” throughout the country. Advanced and timely market strategy has changed the marketing situation of the company. Triangle Tire Co. has formed an efficient online and offline integrated marketing system.

Ding Yuhua's strategic vision is not only reflected in one area of ​​e-commerce. He has worked hard in the tire industry for many years, with an open mind to modern business models and methods, often leading the company to take the lead when most people are not aware of the prospect of something new. For example, he took the lead in the industry to put forward the concept of "green tires" and put it into R&D and production.

In the future development of the company, Ding Yuhua is adept at developing and utilizing global human resources and market resources, and has formulated forward-looking comprehensive development strategies, including accelerating the construction of new manufacturing models for smart factories and smart factories, and accelerating the construction of traditional marketing and the Internet and the Internet of Things. Combining new business models and more. In the past year, Triangle Tire added 36 new patents, including 16 invention patents, 12 utility model patents and 8 appearance patents. These will provide a firm technical foundation for companies to gain new strength to move forward.

Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. has now obtained 321 patents, ranking the first in the industry in the country. A number of product R&D has reached the international advanced standards, among which the test level of passenger car tire noise has reached the European 2016 standard, and the test of commercial vehicle new product series has reached 2016. EU two-stage label regulations product performance requirements. The Triangle Tire Group represented China in the United Nations Vehicle Regulations Forum (WP29) and participated directly in the global tire technical regulations coordination process, presiding over the development of an international standard for engineering TKPH tires.

Based on the forward-looking development strategy that changes at the right time, Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. has reached a new level under the “new normal” market.

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