Weichai Power and Tongji University Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

On the afternoon of June 2nd, Weichai Power Co., Ltd. and Tongji University signed a strategic cooperation agreement between Tongji University and Jiading Campus, signifying that Weichai Power, Tongji University's “production, research, and research” cooperation has entered a new stage. Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, Chairman of Weichai Power Co., Ltd. Tan Xuguang and Party Secretary of Tongji University Zhou Jialun attended the signing ceremony. Sun Shaojun, Executive Director of Weichai Power, and Chen Xiaolong, Vice President of Tongji University, signed the school-enterprise cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties.

Weichai Power Co., Ltd. is currently one of the most comprehensive automotive and powertrain groups in China and the only company in China that has three major business platforms: vehicle, powertrain and auto parts. Tongji University is a national key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education. It has a complete range of disciplines and strong faculty. It has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the country for many years and has achieved many major scientific research achievements, especially in new energy vehicles, powertrain assemblies and internal combustion engines. Research is even more advanced.

Standing at a new starting point, Weichai Power has identified a higher development goal and will build a world-leading, core technology and unique equipment manufacturing group in the next five years, and strive to enter the world's top 500. This time, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the two schools and will use the strategic alliance of the new energy power assembly industry technology innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology as a platform. They will strive to make breakthroughs in the new energy powertrain, occupy relevant technological commanding heights, and realize industrialization.

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