The ultimate goal of the development of the lighting industry is "environmental protection"

[China Building Materials Network] Recently, the author has learned about a lighting company called Shuangyang Lighting, which mainly produces home lighting, commercial lighting and engineering lighting. According to reports, they are also producing LED lighting, but this lighting will be more expensive than traditional lighting. These products are completely developed, designed and produced by the company. There are many distributors and agents in the country. The products produced by the company will be shipped directly to the distributors.
The successful development of the Three Gorges Project has greatly alleviated the problem of insufficient power in China. However, wind power plants, nuclear power plants, hydropower stations, and solar energy are still unable to meet the industrial, commercial, and household power shortages in China. Coal-fired power plants and gas-fired power plants still account for a large proportion. In addition to facing the development of new energy sources, energy conservation is also an important and effective low-carbon strategy.
According to the analysis of Shuangyang lighting experts, the lamp is used as a tool every day, and the electricity consumption ratio is a considerable part of the use of electric energy. The production of energy-saving lamps is an important step in effective energy conservation. In the lighting industry to take a low carbon economy, it is necessary to develop and produce energy-saving lamps. The emergence of energy-saving lamps has greatly improved the high-loss problem of traditional lighting. According to the incomplete statistics of lamps of the same power (wattage), energy-saving lamps will save 70% than the lamps. Unfortunately, the energy-saving lamps will be seriously polluted because they contain mercury. However, the latest LED material products use electricity efficiently and without pollution, which will effectively save energy and protect the environment. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting is the inevitable development of history.
In recent years, due to the rapid development of the real estate industry and the improvement of living standards. Many lighting brands have developed rapidly, and the lighting market has been crowded for a while. The author suggests not to blindly invest, high-end, high-quality lighting is the hard truth of the industry development. Most lighting companies face elimination due to their single product and inferior grades. Really fashionable, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting are rare. This has formed a market of lighting for a time. Choosing a strong business cooperation will be the key to effectively seize the opportunity to share the big cake in the lighting market. The impact of the economic crisis will lead to unscrupulous investment in many industries, and its investment risks can be imagined. The author suggests that investors need to conduct on-the-spot investigations to understand the company's real situation and then make investment plans.
The transformation of lighting will directly affect the output of carbon. How to low carbon will be a problem for the quality and long-term development of lighting. The author believes that with the advancement of science and technology, the fierce competition in the lighting market, energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting will be increasingly favored by people. According to industry analysts, under the tide of low-carbon economy, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting will quickly enter the lighting market.

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