Welded Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Model NO.: GWC-2800
Origin: Ningbo China
This is from coil wires to weld on longitudinal wires, and horizontal wire is pre-cut & automatic blanking.
Full automatic wire mesh welding machie,  consist of Coil loader, positioning & straightening system, pulling wire device, loop & balancing system, feeding device, welding system, horizontal wire feeding device, mesh cutter, turning & stacking system, conveyor and control system etc.

Power supply: Three phase AC380V, +10%~-10%;
Duty cycle: 20%;
Rated Power Input: 14X100kVA;
Secondary no-load voltage: 8V;
Max. Short Current: 32KA;
Air pressure: 0.4-0.8MPa;
Coolant pressure: 0.3MPa;
Coolant flow: 80-100L/Min;
Coolant temperature: 0≤ 30º C;
Max Welding speed: 60- 90row/min;
Max mesh width: 3000mm;
Min. Spacing: 50mm;
Wire diameter of power cable(copper cable): ≥ 150mm2;
Wire diameter of grounding cable(copper cable): ≥ 75mm2;
Air switch capacity: 900A;
Water inlet and outlet diameter: G1½ ;
Air Inlet diameter: φ 50mm;
Welding machine main part weight: 11000kg;
Dimensions: 55m× 7m× 5m;


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