Weaved Fiberglass Filter Fabric with PTFE Coated

Model NO.: YC-625
Filter Bag Environment: High-Temperature
Filter Bag Sectional Shape: Round Bag
Usage: Dust Filter, Air Filter
Cartridge Filter: Woven Glass Fiber
Application Fields: Power Plant Cement, Chemical Industry
Finishing: Singeing, Clendering, Heatset, PTFE Macerate
Trademark: YCC
Specification: 500G -550G - 600 G
Origin: Anhui Province, China
HS Code: 59119090

How about Anhui Yuanchen 
 With more than 10 years experience and pecialization in high-temperature filter fabric,Anhui Yuan Chen filter is  developing air filtration  for more than 10 years with professional  teams.
Now, Yuanchen has yearly output of near US$40 million and on its way on going public.
We specialize in high temperature dust filter fabric like PPS, composition of PPS and PTFE.
Our filter fabric can guarantee the ultra clean emission( under 10mg)
 Quality Control
Yuan Chen  is a certified and audited ISO 9001.2008 quality managed company.
"High quality" is not just our slogan, quality is not just quality control deparment duty,
 it's associated with each employee.Every staffs must have quality awareness and must to execute.
 Technical Support
YuanChen has awarded 59 utility model patents about paint filter bags,oil filter bags, anti-corrosion filter bags etc.We have our own lab., whatever micron,air-perm,weight, strength etc. can be tested.
  Reasonable Price
We own complete filter cloth and filter bag production lines. From material to finished products, produced by ourselves. Not only can control the quality, also can control the cost as well.
Welcome to inquire our products, whatever dust filter cloth, dust filter bag, stitche threads, collector parts.,etc
 After Service
We will send our engineers to your production site to solve about filter's problems.
And, certainly can be designed a product according to your working conditions.
Our great team service for you,not only technical deparment, whatever quality department,
production control, warehouse , or other departments.

Component/ Shell Fiber Woven fiberglass
Scrim woven fiberglass
Weight/ 350G-850g
Thickness/ 0.55mm
Air Permeability/ /127Pa 150-250
Tensile Strength/    N/5*20CM Length/ ≥2800
Cross/ ≥2800
Elongation at break/       % Length/ ≤10
Cross/ ≤10
Temperature/  ºC Continue 260
Peaks 300
Finishin/ Heat Stabilization/, Glaze/,   PTFE Impregnate  Silicon Oil treatment
Use Scope/  Cenment plant Head/Tail;Metallurgy; Steel; 

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