Monosodium glutamate whiteness tester

The appearance of monosodium glutamate is also an important criterion for the product. Because of the non-quantitative indicators, human errors in the visual inspection method and different identification conditions, the measurement results are inaccurate, and it is difficult for people to make correct and consistent judgments on product quality. Whiteness measuring instrument Whiteness measuring method is a kind of physical measurement method. Through the relative measurement of the reflectivity of light, the whiteness of the sample is determined. The result is objective, quantitative and consistent, reducing the human error.

The 109 monosodium glutamate sample was first crushed in a mortar and the measurement sample was passed through a 100 mesh standard sieve. If powdered MSG particles are fine, they can be used directly. After turning on the power debugging whiteness tester, calibrate the zero point and 100% point of the instrument with the standard whiteness meter. Put the sample into the sample vessel, scrape the surface of the sample with a spatula or a clean, smooth glass plate (no powder on the sample pan), align the light source of the probe, measure according to the requirements of the instrument, and record the whiteness of the sample. value.

Whiteness Tester The standard whiteness tester will reduce the whiteness as time goes by. Normally, there are more standard whiteness indicators with certain reflectance. However, it can also be made by yourself. The specific method is as follows: Burn special grade magnesium strips in a clean place, and move the plate holder (preferably with a plate holder precoated with special grade of magnesium oxide powder) over it, and the thickness of the smoked surface Must be more than 1mm, the plate holder smoked with magnesium peroxide is the standard white plate.

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Ratchet Strap

Ratchet Strap

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