Double paddle dryer applied in the dry modified starch industry

Modified starches usually have oxidized starches, acid hydrolyzed starches, cross-linked starches, cationic starches, phospholipid starches, vinegar starches, carboxymethyl starches, and carboxyalkyl starches; the equipment commonly used for the drying of modified starches is an air dryer, rotating Flash dryer, vacuum rake dryer, hollow blade dryer.

Modified starch dryer (blade dryer) from the feeder, fan, drying tube, pulser, cyclone separator, air lock, electric control cabinet, etc., starch dryer suitable for a variety of starch drying. When the starch drying equipment is in operation, the wet starch and the hot air enter the drying tube under the traction of the fan at the same time, and are fully in contact with each other to perform heat exchange, so that the starch is dried, and finally the dry starch and moisture are separated by the brake kerron.

Modified starch dryer (blade dryer) Features: 1, the feeder is equipped with a stirring device, can wet, or even agglomerated wet starch, to facilitate drying; 2, dry strength, within minutes The wet starch can be dried; 3, after the material is loose powder products, can be directly packaged; 4, using high-quality stainless steel, to meet food hygiene requirements.

Recently, Yubo Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shandong Yanbu Biotech Co., Ltd. have signed a successful double-blade dryer for modified starch. Shandong ** Biological Company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of fine chemicals and bio-engineering.

Twin paddle dryer work flow line: the first step is to use a coulter mixer to mix, the second step is to use a humidifier to humidify the reaction, the third step is to use a double paddle dryer to dry, and finally crush and filter the bag.

Double paddle dryer is used in dry modified starch, which is a breakthrough in the starch industry. It has low energy consumption, reduces sewage discharge problems, and meets the energy-saving emission requirements promoted by the country.

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