Artificial Climate Room Simulates Climate in the Desert

At present, China’s environmental destruction is serious and it is facing a serious risk of desertification. Using an artificial climate room to simulate the climate and environment in the desert region, we can reproduce the environmental conditions in the desert in the laboratory, and then through the controllable adjustment of environmental parameters, the system Study the issues we care about in these areas. These include the maintenance mechanism of desert vegetation, the recyclability of water resources, the dynamics of wind-blown sand and the protection of oasis, the efficient use of oasis ecological buildings and solar energy, etc. These studies have important theoretical significance and engineering for the survival and development of oasis. Value.
The role of the artificial climate chamber is to simulate a variety of natural climates, including meteorological conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity, in order to cultivate, test, and screen fine varieties of rice and other crops. The use of it in the climate and environment of desert regions can also help to study the cultivation of plants under adverse conditions and provide detailed data for research work.
In general, climate chambers can control temperature, humidity, and light intensity. The temperature is the most obvious feature in the desert area. In the study, the meteorological parameters of the southern rim of the Taklamakan Desert were taken as reference. Based on the economic model and the purpose of the research, the artificial climate room was used to determine the technical indicators of the temperature of the environmental simulation laboratory.
The simulation results show that the artificial climate room has achieved the design requirements for the simulated object's technical indicators, ie the temperature range is -10~50°C and the degree of clarity is ±0.5°C. In the simulation of the temperature in the artificial climate room, not only the temperature control can be performed, but also the temperature change operation can be performed under the required accuracy according to the required working curve, and the need for research work is well accomplished.

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