Rainy day driving safety knowledge summary

In the summertime, there are often more torrential rains, which make many of the city's roads flooded with rain, and it also brings hidden dangers for vehicle owners. In particular, some sudden downpours are even more unprepared. Some of the stagnant road sections are very prone to traffic accidents, and there are many inconveniences in driving during the rainy season. What is the safest way to drive in summer rainfall?


The first is that when the vehicle encounters some deep water in the driving process, and there is no clear depth mark on the road, it is advisable that the rider choose to go down and explore the depth of the water. Do you want to pass? In particular, when the water on the driving road is relatively deep at night, it is advisable that the owner should still pass the road. If the road is inevitable, and the water level of the road surface is rising at any time under heavy rain, there are many potentially uncertain risk factors and care must be taken.

Secondly, when driving in rainy weather in summer, it is necessary to control the speed. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to keeping a good distance with the vehicle in front, because visibility will be reduced when it rains, and the driver’s field of vision will be limited due to heavy rain. . If the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle ahead is relatively short, the process of driving the vehicle will inevitably cause splashes. The splashes will affect the sight of the driver. Therefore, it is best to turn on the fog lights during the driving. Behind the vehicle can be clearly seen.

Finally, when driving in rainy weather in the summer, be sure to pay attention. Do not slam on the brakes. Even if the vehicle is moving slowly, it is dangerous to step on the brakes. Because of the road surface water, the resistance of the tires is relatively large. Once the brakes are jerked on the brakes, it may cause the steering of the vehicle to malfunction or even seriously deviate. Therefore, it is necessary to advance the throttle when driving in rainy weather. Deceleration can effectively protect traffic safety!

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