Cement cement truck pays attention to long service life

Most merchants will check their performance and quality when they purchase cement cementing vehicles. They even pay a lot of money to buy quality vehicles. This is to ensure a high degree of practicality and safety. When you bought it back, you were naturally very cherished, but after two years of use, you slowly took care of it. Xiao Bian reminds you that, from a long-term perspective, if cement cannot be effectively maintained, cement cementing vehicles will become more likely to fail, and maintenance costs will not be low! Must do regular maintenance, active maintenance, professional nursing, if each operator can do this, you can effectively extend the life of the vehicle, and in the future when not using second-hand cement cement truck, the value will be higher.

Recently commemorating the new concept of "proactive maintenance" has also been proposed in the international community. It can be seen that everyone has a new understanding of vehicle maintenance. Moreover, from the perspective of long-term use, maintaining the vehicle can also save users a large amount of maintenance costs, which is very cost-effective. How to maintain it?


First, training users is very important.

When purchasing cement cementing vehicles, manufacturers of special vehicles will be equipped with invoices, certificates, manuals, and user manuals (operating instructions). Has the daily care at the back of the operation guides been read? It is necessary to enhance the professional knowledge of all staff members. Cement cementing truck operation may seem simple, but each type of vehicle operation mode is different. Some staff members are very similar and do not care, but it is better to Before use, conduct a comprehensive study of the operation guide to understand the use of operational precautions.

The technicians accompanying the cement cement truck will definitely conduct initial training and explanations to the transporter. If not, they can ask the manufacturer to provide this service. If the pick-up person at the time was not a late-stage user, the knowledge, operation, and maintenance instructions given by the technicians must be conveyed.

If there is a fault in the later period, it must not be used again in order to catch up with the progress of the project. The vehicle fault must be checked. The simple fault can be discharged by itself and the complicated fault can be contacted by the manufacturer. Professional manufacturers will also provide us with the appropriate after-sales service, you can directly make an appointment for maintenance. Then confirm the troubleshooting, and then use the vehicle.


Second, daily maintenance should be done well.

Regardless of the type of cement cementing vehicle, daily maintenance is very important. The guarantee of daily work requires the normal operation of the equipment. Of course, the maintenance of good vehicles is also the most important. There are many types of equipment that need to be used for cementing projects, and the construction time is relatively short, the workload is huge, and the technical requirements are very high. Therefore, the daily maintenance of cement cementing vehicles is also important to ensure the successful completion of the project.

In order to ensure the best condition of the vehicle, it is recommended to conduct a simple and comprehensive inspection before each use, and any minor problems should be dealt with promptly.

Be sure to check the vehicle's chassis, steering knuckles, connecting parts, sealing elements, oil holes of the crosshead bushings, safety valves, wash filters, cylinder changers, and plunger pumps. Hydraulic end. Every once in a while, the vehicle must be maintained as a whole, so that the cementing truck can be well maintained and the daily work can be guaranteed and the vehicle can be maintained.

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