Design of online monitoring system for air compressor under variable frequency conditions

Design of On-line Monitoring System for Air Compressor under Frequency Conditions Wu Li Ma Junqi 2, Li Xiao Zhang Dong 1 1 School of Chemical Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, Jiangsu 221008, China 2 Henan Longyu Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. In order to ensure the authenticity of data monitoring, the air compressor online monitoring system designed anti-interference measures for harmonic interference, and at the same time realized the scientific management of air compressor frequency conversion energy saving and online monitoring.

The technology of mouth-to-mouth, like, coffee development, with 0++6.0 as the development language, realized the dimensional parameterization design of the 2, type reducer cycloidal wheel. The design system makes full use of the 8th, yeah, blood parameterization function and PCT, 曰翱虻姆岣蛔 test, 17. taxation planting, design of human-computer interaction interface; greatly improved the type 2 reducer pendulum The modeling efficiency of the reel has made a good foundation for the progress of the two-phase, the simulation analysis and the maintenance design of the type reducer.

Hu Guangzhong, Yang Shouxian. Based on the 5, Xianjie, Industry 8 blade parametric design system development knife. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, 200412830.

Xu Jie. Based on the 5,5 adjustment valve dimension parameter design method research Zhao Pan, Zhang Yan, et al. Based on 5, this, 2 parts of the development of the parametric parameter design and assembly of the knife. Science and Technology and Engineering, 2010716751679.

Xuan Lei, Li Chongning, and so on. Based on 3, 2 anti-type reducer cycloidal wheel Zhengzhou Institute of Technology mechanical principle and mechanical parts teaching and research section. Cycloidal pinwheel planetary transmission Cao Yan, Ark. 5, this, the development of the article 4. Beijing Chemical Industry Wang Wenbo, Tu Haining, Xiong Junxing. 5, such as the boundary, also 2,08 development foundations and examples, ++刖. Beijing Tsinghua University Press, 20095070. Editor-in-Chief Lu Qiuyun Li Wenmin The higher the general rate, the greater the output pressure, and the smaller the cylinder's motion frequency, the smaller the output pressure, and the cylinder's motion frequency is proportional to the motor's speed. According to the formula 1 of the AC asynchronous motor speed, as long as the phase AC electric output gas storage tank switch output is changed, the DA+ inverter motor speed is from the upper AC frequency; the corresponding angular frequency of the household is added to the motor stator bone. Adjusting the asynchronous motor is the basis of the basic work of the inverter.

The energy-saving effect is also more pronounced in the higher harmonics of the power supply. 35 control signal has steep electromagnetic interference, the nearby frequency is resonated, the frequency of the inverter is increased, and the temperature of the inverter is increased. The inverter's skin increases the harmonics of the asynchronous motor and generates surge current. The electrical equipment is also working, and the voltage causes interference.

The expanded air compressor monitoring system 5, at the same time, the motor surge current also needs to be fixed to the air compressor. Each air compressor is a common equipment in the coal mine. It not only provides power for pneumatic machinery, but more importantly, it is underground. Some safety features provide compressed air. In the actual work, the air compressor adopts the step-down start, and works in the power frequency constant speed mode. The demand for compressed air is constantly changing, and the choice of air compressor is based on the maximum demand for compressed air. In order to ensure that the gas pressure is within the fixed range, the air compressor needs to change the working mode according to the demand of gas, which not only affects the long-term continuous operation of the motor press, but also accounts for a large proportion of light load operation, resulting in huge Energy waste.

1 frequency conversion speed control technology principle frequency conversion tuning has the advantages of speed regulation effect, remarkable energy saving effect and small impact on the power grid when starting. After adopting the frequency conversion speed regulation, the motor can automatically adjust the rotation speed according to the amount of gas consumption to ensure the constant supply pressure according to the amount of gas consumption, so that the motor can run continuously below the rated speed to effectively overcome the frequent changes of the motor. The many disadvantages brought by the operating state achieve the purpose of efficient and energy-saving operation of the system.

1.1 Pressure control under variable frequency conditions The frequency conversion speed regulation technology makes the control of wind pressure more convenient, but also brings the question, that is, the harmonic interference of the frequency conversion. The author monitors the operation of the air compressor in real time through the monitoring of the series of parameters such as pressure temperature power and current for the air compressor online monitoring system developed by the course. Anti-interference measures are designed for the frequency conversion harmonic interference port, so that the monitoring data of the monitoring system is more accurate, and the scientific management of the air compressor frequency conversion energy saving and online monitoring is realized. In the frequency conversion condition, the pressure control frame, such as the power supply frequency of the machine, can be easily changed. 1.2 The principle of frequency conversion and speed regulation is that the frequency control is changed by changing the input to the AC motor power source. The pressure is proportional to the moving frequency of the cylinder. The frequency of the cylinder is the number of poles of the asynchronous motor. For the slip of the motor, the synchronous speed of the asynchronous motor is 60. It can be known from equation (1) that the frequency of the alternating current on the winding. This principle is also the danger of the frequency conversion energy-saving technology to the 5 2 frequency conversion harmonic interference, but it also caused some questions, such as endogenous interference radio interference and noise. j system and monitoring system cause interference, the main danger 1 (1) the inverter part of the inverter part, the variable edge pulse signal will generate strong power and control equipment to generate interference; carrier frequency and motor core inherently harmonize the motor core Noise emitted by vibration; high-order harmonic components in the stator current, loss of motives, causing the motor to heat up; (4) the introduction of the inverter will be unbalanced in the circuit power supply voltage, affecting its ten simultaneous power supply to the control equipment. When designing the variable frequency engineering system, it is necessary to focus on solving the filtering. The main function system of the system is to eliminate the frequency conversion harmonic interference, real-time monitoring, system composition 2, data input data output, given pressure and pressure sensor, pressure feedback air pressure unit, edit this column, Lu Qiuyun The main functions that can be realized by the civil 4 mesh system are as follows: real-time monitoring of the air compressor cooling water lubrication of each air compressor and the operating parameters and state parameters of the power system to ensure that the monitoring data is not lost and not distorted; when the parameters exceed the limit, the alarm or delay is stopped. Operation to make the system operate safely and reliably; adjust the air supply volume of the air compressor in real time according to the change of air volume Achieve small-scale voltage regulation, large-scale voltage regulation; friendly visual interface, enabling users to automatically build a database from multiple perspectives, and generate trend curves and datagrams for important operating parameters.

Monitoring information remote communication, sending all monitoring data to the user's coal mine safety monitoring system or Ethernet to realize remote sharing of equipment operation information.

4 Monitoring system design 4.1 System anti-interference design In the air compressor monitoring system, the harmonic interference generated by the inverter frequency conversion becomes the biggest hazard affecting the monitoring accuracy. Therefore, in the process of signal acquisition, transmission and processing, ensuring the authenticity of the signal to prevent signal distortion has become the focus of the monitoring system. The constant current element characteristics of the temperature acquisition module become the main reason for the anti-interference failure. Finding the alternative equipment of the temperature acquisition module or designing the efficient and economical and reliable filter circuit is the key and difficult point to solve the anti-interference of the monitoring system. In response to the above questions, the system designed the following anti-interference measures.

The system temperature distortion is handled by selecting the 8033 module with integrated filter circuitry.

The signal lines of the Yu input module are shielded and the shield is well grounded. Generally, the grounding is adopted to avoid interference caused by the potential difference caused by the potential difference at the grounding point.

The signal line power line power line and the inverter main circuit control line are arranged in a layered manner, and each layer is separated by a wire trough, wherein the main circuit control line of the inverter is separated from other circuit control lines by at least 200 mm to cut off the radiation interference.

Signal line grounding and system protection grounding are separated and well grounded. The ground wire should be thick and short, and a copper wire with a cross-sectional area larger than 22 mm 2 is used, and is firmly connected to the ground terminal.

For input channels not used in the signal input module, 1250 resistor shorting is adopted to avoid crosstalk between channels.

The signal acquisition module adopts DC power supply and the AC power supply has weak anti-interference ability. The output of the acquisition module uses DC voltage or current.

When using a non-isolated sensor, to prevent the potential difference between the input channel measurement line and the reference point of the measurement circuit, ie the common mode potential, exceeds the allowable value, connect the conductor with an equipotential between the measurement point and the reference point.

4.2 System hardware design The system is mainly composed of the upper computer and the sensor. As the upper computer, the machine is mainly responsible for monitoring the historical curve of the parameters, so that the user can grasp the running trend of the air compressor. On the eve, the alarm record inquiry function can also be used for the maintenance and repair measures that occur during the operation of the air compressor.

The programmable controller uses the Siemens 57300 series module. The 87300 is modular for medium performance control requirements with low failure rates and high immunity to interference. A wide variety of 0-mode ±, signal modules and functional modules can meet the automatic control tasks in various fields, and select the appropriate modules according to the specific conditions of the system.

The sensor is mainly used to collect various physical quantity signals in real time and convert them into standard electrical signals. The team needs to collect more signals and more sensors because of the air compressor. Therefore, when selecting the sensor model, Because the sensor type equipment has great difference in manufacturing principle and design structure, the selection of the sensor has certain difficulties, and whether the sensor selection is reasonable determines the success of the test result to a large extent, because the female type needs to be cautious. . 4.3 System software design acquisition, generate application software for the target application system. Milk, Ho, no, 峁┝ 饩鍪 饩鍪 こ こ 獾 獾 獾 暾 暾 暾 暾 暾 暾 暾 暾 暾 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨 桨Function; at the same time support all hardware manufacturers' computers and products, have good development, good visibility, maintainability and operation. The software design of the lower computer is mainly programming, using 87 7 programming software to realize the monitoring signal collection. Processing and control program design. The control program is mainly based on the total pipe pressure. The deviation between the set value and the actual value is calculated. The adjustment is carried out on page 127. This column is edited by Lu Qiuyun Li Wenmin. The dust-proof method has the following disadvantages. The rotation of the bushing makes 1820 times of melon rotation swing, sometimes the synchronous speed of the eccentric bushing is as high as 300, so the rubber dust ring wears quickly, and the gap between the moving cone dust baffle and the rubber dust ring is greater than 1.53. At 1 o'clock, a large amount of dust moves down the moving cone into the water sealing device along the dustproof baffle, clogging the water sealing groove and the drain pipe, and dust is deposited in the water sealing groove. When the pressure inside the clean water pipe is large, the water flows through the oil retaining ring from the spherical bearing return oil line into the oil tank. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently remove the water sealing device and replace the lubricating oil in the oil tank, which not only increases the labor intensity of the worker, but also causes A lot of waste.

1. Drain pipe 2. Spherical bearing block 3. Dust ring 4. Oil retaining ring 5. Spherical bearing bush 6. Zinc alloy 7. Pin 8. Spherical baffle 9. Steel plate 10. Improvement of dustproof mode of inlet pipe 2 Remove the water seal pipe 1 and the drain pipe 1 in the water, and then seal the annular water seal groove on the spherical bearing block 2 with the calcium-sodium grease, relying on the spherical dust-proof baffle 8 and the spherical bearing at the lower part of the crushing cone. The calcium-sodium based grease in the annular groove is blocked by the body dust outside the spherical bearing housing.

3 use effect to save water 2 cone crusher can save water every day 6.6 save water 31482 annual savings of more than 80,000 yuan, increase the processing of minerals to solve the dust often block the water seal tank and drain pipe, reduce the number of maintenance, extend At the start-up time, 2 cone crushers process ore 49, and more than 20,000 yuan per year.

(3) Saving the lubricating oil After changing the dustproof mode, the oil change phenomenon caused by the water entering the lubricating station is solved, and the lubricating oil l620kg can be saved every year, saving the cost of more than 10,000 yuan.

4 power saving due to the removal of the water seal device, reducing the start-up time of the 2PNL vertical pump, saving 72 yuan per year for more than 30,000 yuan.

In summary, the annual cost savings of 160,000 yuan for the concentrator.

4 Conclusion After the improvement of the dustproof mode of the cone crusher, it saves water, reduces the cost, reduces the labor intensity of the employees, improves the working efficiency of the equipment, and lays a foundation for the concentrating plant to improve various comprehensive technical indicators. Mouth ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges, ridges Lingshan Lingling Lingling Lingling Ridge Office 01 is connected to the first page, then adjust the inverter and regulate it in a small range; if the inverter is working at the lowest or highest frequency, the supply and demand are still unbalanced, then Control the number of air compressors; stop or add new units into operation to achieve a wide range of pressure regulation.

4.4 System Remote Communication Design 6 With the improvement of coal mine automation level, on-site data uploading and multiple collection methods, different coal mines have different networks. In order to enhance the compatibility of the system in different coal mine automation networks, the control system utilizes the configuration function of the configuration software, and expands the host of the monitoring system as a server, directly connecting the data points of the configuration software to the data items of the server. Use; 36.0 development, 0 client software, access via industrial Ethernet as the host of the 0 server monitoring system, realize remote sharing of monitoring data; write the control instructions of the air compressor to the host of the monitoring system to realize the system 5 Conclusion The air compressor online monitoring system runs stably and the failure rate is low. The frequency conversion anti-interference measures minimize or even neglect the harm of the frequency conversion harmonic interference. The data monitoring is real and reliable, realizing the safe production of coal mines and the frequency conversion of coal mine equipment. Energy saving.

Xiao Fujue. The application of the variable frequency closed-loop regulation control system in the air compressor is several coal stone fLW, 20054 Zhou Guangxian. Frequency control and control, the application of air compressor reform in Zhongzhou Coal, 2008æµ¼91.

He Chao. AC frequency control technology. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, M, Ge Zhibao. Analysis of inverter harmonics in several inverter worlds, 20072 Yang Yuhong, Wang Hongyan. Harmonic interference hazards and measures of frequency conversion speed control system. Journal of Changzhou Light Industry Vocational and Technical College, 200731012.

Song Pingping, Hu Yafei, Mei Biao, et al. , 0 technology in the mine main fan online monitoring system application of several coal mining machinery, 2008, 29173175.

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