XCMG XR220A ten years witnessed quality

Recently, Xugong Foundation Chuanxiong Office organized service visits in the region. During the visit, the service personnel discovered a Xugong XR220A rotary drilling rig that was being built in 2010 and was delivered in 2010.


According to Wang, the owner of this equipment, he now has two Xugong equipments, all of which are second-hand remanufacturing equipment. It has been five to six years since the purchase of this XCMG XR220A, although the equipment looks old, but the equipment performance It is very stable and reliable, and can meet the construction requirements such as building piles. At present, the project undertaken by this XR220A is a building with a hole diameter of 0.8 m and 1.0 m and a pile depth of about 20 m. The daily hole is 7 holes. Mr. Wang is very appreciative of this 10-year-old Xugong rotary drilling rig. President Wang proudly and convincedly said: This Xugong 220A can create a production value of 20,000 yuan or 30,000 yuan per day, compared with Other Equipment . This equipment is not bad at all, and the cost of use is more economical. In the future, if there is a procurement demand for rotary drilling rigs, my first choice is definitely Xugong equipment.

XCMG XR220A in construction

As a small and medium tonnage rotary drilling rig, XCMG XR220 series products have participated in many major construction projects and played an important role in the construction. The following construction cases are a good proof!

Construction of XCMG XR220 in Qinghai Plateau of Lanxin Railway

Xugong XR220DII construction in Turkey

Xugong XR220D fleet in Pakistan construction

Xugong XR240E construction in Guangzhou

Time and products are the last proof. XCMG XR220 series products are a good interpretation of the stability of Xugong equipment, and explain XCMG's persistent pursuit of “technology leadership, not destroying” crafts. Over the years, Xugong Foundation has continuously carried out technological innovation. At present, Xugong rotary drilling rig has been developed into the E series. It has been optimized, upgraded, refined and designed in terms of power, transmission system and structure, and has developed a modular multi-machine. Advanced technologies such as energy and double-arming luffing mechanism increase construction efficiency by 20% and stability by 15%. Regardless of the past and present, in the journey of exploring engineering technology, providing solutions for global engineering construction and sustainable development, Xugong wins customers' trust and loyalty with excellent product quality, and creates value for customers! (This article is from Xugong Foundation)

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 Electric Reach Forklift

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  • Main mast made by 12# U -steel with thick leg: stability
  • Most advanced AC drive system: more powerful
  • CURTIS AC controller & MOSFETS drive: safety & stable output
  • One-piece molding of high quality forged fork: precise positioning goods
  • Emergency stop, reverse bottom: safety
  • Controller with self-diagnosis function: easy maintenance

Electirc Reach Forklift

Measurement/ Model Q1516 Q1518 Q1530 Q1537 Q1545
Capacity (Q) kg 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Load Center (C ) mm 500 500 500 500 500
Max lift height (h) mm 1600 1800 3000 3700 4500
Overall extended height mm 2535 2790 4040 4070 5500
Overall collapsed height mm 2155 2355 2121 1830 2080
Overall fork width (b2) mm 540/680 540/680 540/680 540/680 540/680
Fork size (L*W*T) mm 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35
Min height (h1) mm 50 50 50 50 50
Overall width (b1) mm 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100
Overall length (L) 950mm fork mm 2765 2765 2765 2765 2765
Turning radius (Wr) mm 1670 1670 1670 1670 1670
Max travel speed, full load/no load Km/h 5.0/6.0 5.0/6.0 5.0/6.0 4.8/6.0 4.8/6.0
Max lift speed, full load/ no load mm/s 75/139 75/139 75/139 85/119 85/119
Max lowering speed, full load/no load mm/s 94/108 94/108 94/108 85/80 85/80
Max Gradient performance, full load/ no load  % 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8
Rear drive wheel, number of wheels mm PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1
Front wheel, number of wheels mm PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2
Balance wheel, number of wheels mm PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4
Driving motor Kw AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5
Lift motor Kw 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
Battery capacity V/A 24V/270Ah 24V/270Ah 24V/270Ah 24V/400Ah 24V/400Ah
Weight Kg 1745 1750 1840 2070 2110
Battery weight Kg 230 230 230 650 650

Electric Reach Forklift

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