Principle and application of infrared radiation detector

With the continuous development and improvement of the burglar alarm industry, it has often been seen in residential areas, schools, shops, villas, factories and other places in recent years, and is often used in high-end fields such as military camps, airports, ports, government and enterprises. it. The infrared perimeter alarm system is a branch of the burglar alarm. It is mainly to prevent illegal personnel from illegally entering the designated zone without our permission, thus avoiding various potential life and property risks and effectively protecting the surrounding area. The area provides timely warnings of the over-the-counter behavior.
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The infrared radiation detector consists of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The infrared emitter emits infrared light to a receiver installed at a distance of several meters or even hundreds of meters, and the beam has a single beam, a double beam, or even multiple beams. The receiver is composed of an optical lens, an infrared phototube, an amplification shaping circuit, a power driver and an actuator. When an intrusion occurs, the infrared beam emitted by the emitter is blocked, that is, the phototube receives no infrared light, thereby outputting corresponding Alarm electrical signal. The alarm signal can be received by the alarm controller and the linkage actuator can be activated to activate other alarm devices, such as an audible and visual alarm, an analog electronic map, a television monitoring system, a lighting system, and the like.
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Previously, the application range of infrared perimeter alarm system was relatively small, mainly applied in some key places, but with the update and development of technology, the infrared perimeter alarm system is more integrated in other industries, such as home, bank, Supermarket and so on. So in some respects, the infrared detector has its own unique characteristics.
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1. Concealed performance is strong. Compared with the electronic anti-theft products of the electronic fence category, the infrared radiation products have better concealment, which can reduce the intruder's prevention psychology and fight him.
2, accurate positioning, we use the infrared perimeter alarm system will generally divide the arming area into several large areas, once there is a certain area of ​​the alarm, the infrared perimeter alarm system will immediately send the alarm zone to the alarm host To achieve precise positioning.
3. Linkage alarm, infrared perimeter alarm system has linkage alarm function. Once an illegal person breaks into the area we are armed, the infrared perimeter alarm system will linkage to the surrounding monitoring, automatically turn to the alarm area, and the central monitor screen will automatically switch. To the alarm zone, the DVR automatically records the zone image and the site lights are alerted.
4, strong scalability, infrared perimeter alarm system uses active far-infrared multi-beam detection equipment set around the community, and with the community closed-circuit television monitoring system, so the infrared perimeter alarm system is highly scalable.

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