Vacuum Angle Check Valves with CF/Kf/Lf Flange

  • Model NO.: CD
  • Leak Rate: 1.3X 10-7 PA L/S
  • Trademark: cbvac
  • Specification: Stainless steel/ Aluminum
  • HS Code: 8481804090
  • Using Range: 1X 10-7PA-1X 1.2X10 5PA
  • Cycles Until First Service: 200000 Times
  • Transport Package: Carton
  • Origin: China
                    Vacuum angle check valves with CF/KF/LF Flange 
 Vacuum Angle Check Valves with CF/Kf/Lf Flange
  1.  Brief Introduction
This series valves are applicable to the vacuum line's start and stop of ultra-high vacuum system. They are two different vacuum block valves; these are manual ones and pneumatic ones. They have many advantages, such as stability, durability, great sealing, and long service life and so on, so they are one of initial optional valves in ultra-high vacuum equipment. Manual valves take manual rotating handle as motivity, and helical transmission to make valves start and stop. The direction of start and stop takes marks on the handles as the standard. Pneumatic valves take compressed air as motivity to make valves start and stop. Valve plates will close automatically depending on spring force when losing air source. Applicable medium can be pure air and non-corrosive gas.                               
  1. Features
  1. Design in a standard and moduling way. Easy to change and maintain.
  2. Easy to clean up.
  3. Adopt stainless steel bellows and viton O-ring, no lube.
  4. The inner of valves' body is welded by stainless steel and the leak rate is low.
  1. Order Information
The order numbers of each product are as follows. Customers can search the numbers according to the operation mode of valves and DN.
Order Example:  2089
     High Vacuum Manual Block Straight Valves, DN=16mm, CF flange
Order No. Weight/kg
Manual Pneumatic Manual Pneumatic
16 2089 2297 0.50 0.70
25 2090 2298 1.80 1.70
40 2091 2299 2.20 2.10
50 2092 2300 2.70 3.55
  1. Major Capacity Targets:
  1. Application scope:1×10-6pa~1.2×105Pa
  2. Differential pressure before open valve plates:≤1.2×105a any direction
  3. Leak rate of valves' body and base: <1.3×10-7Pa·L·s-1
  4. Cycling numbers before initial repair:200,000times
  5. Baking Temperate of valve bodies:Open≤200ºC;Close≤150ºC
  6. Position of installation: Any direction
  7. Power supply:AC 220V 50Hz,6W or DC 24V,3W()(Cycles until first service)
  8. Compressed air(only supply to pneumatic valves):0.4~0.7MPa
  9. )Speed of closing and opening (only supply to pneumatic valves):≤1s
  10. Indications of valves' position
-manual valves: with indication of start and stop's positions
- pneumatic valves: with indication of start and stop's positions(magnet switch)
  1. Valves' weight: Referring to the above table.
  1. External Dimensions
  1. Manual
Model DN Connecting
CD-J16B 16 CF16 106 16 40 48 64 40 28
CD-J25B 25 CF25 137 25 55 69 89.5 50 40
CD-J40B 40 CF35 153 35 63 69 97.5 63 40
CD-J50B 50 CF50 192 50 80 92 126 63 40
  1. Pneumatic
DN Connecting
CDQ-J16B 16 CF16 125 16 40 48 85 113 28
CDQ-J25B 25 CF25 149 25 55 69 111 140 40
CDQ-J40B 40 CF35 167 35 63 69 118 150 40
CDQ-J50B 50 CF50 207 50 80 92 144 210 50
CF flange are subject to GB/T 6071-2003
Optional Parts:  Magnet switch.
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Vacuum Angle Check Valves with CF/Kf/Lf Flange
Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:    Inner: plastic bag. Outer: carton or wooden case or according to customers' need.
Delivery Detail:    Shipped in 3 days after payment

Our company introduction 

Chuanbei Vacuum Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.(Registered Brand CBVAC), founded in 2002, is national new-high technology enterprise, the Chinese Vacuum Association key enterprise specialized in vacuum products development, design, production, sales and service. We took the major projects task from MOST, the intelligent digital workshop from NDRC, technology upgrading from MIIT and so on.
 CBVAC posses various series of vacuum valves, vacuum pumps, vacuum bellows, vacuum flange connectors and customized chamber processing, vacuum system integration and other vacuum products. The industry belongs to high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The vacuum products and technologies are widely applied in new energy, new materials, aerospace, semiconductor, IC equipment and other fields, also we design and manufacture products in the vacuum technology application fields from universities and scientific research institutions.
Vacuum Angle Check Valves with CF/Kf/Lf Flange
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Vacuum Angle Check Valves with CF/Kf/Lf Flange


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