Pay attention to the refueling of mobile sales wagons

Sometimes, when you come to the gas station, you will see some wonderful drivers who will directly fill gas stations with their own tanks. Some owners who even see some mobile vending trucks will have to add more oil, even if they are jumping. After several more shots, the determination to fill up with fuel is not diminished when the money can be put together in an integer. The official fuel tank volume is actually smaller than the actual capacity of the mobile vending truck . However, when the gas station refuels for a mobile sales truck , it feels like the amount of fuel that a person lives in is much higher than the capacity required by the fuel tank. Will this give the family a poor fuel?


Because the calibrated vehicle fuel tank capacity is also the safety capacity of the fuel tank, because when designing to the mobile sales truck, from the perspective of safety due to thermal expansion and contraction, the mobile sales truck fuel tank will be left in the design. In some safe spaces, if the driver fills up the fuel directly, he will feel that the actual amount of fuel is greater than those on the calibrated tank. If the vehicle is a long time tank bearing is too high, there will be the following situation.

1. When the fuel filling of the mobile vending truck is too full, it will cause the fuel to enter the pipeline of the activated carbon tank, resulting in a significant reduction in the operating performance of the carbon canister. In severe cases, there will be actual results. . And this part of the gasoline will be in the mobile sales wagon, the sleeping pipe has been directly into the intake pipe to cause the spark plug drowned. This is a situation where the vehicle will experience idling jitter. When the mobile vending truck needs to accelerate and extinguish the engine, it will cause an inability to start.

2. After the carbon canister of the mobile vending truck is saturated, the vapour of vehicle gasoline will overflow from the canister's position. Most of the canisters of the motor vehicle are installed on the engine room. When the mobile wagon is opened outside the bar, gasoline will enter the car.

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