Hang alone? Hanging plate? Chassis Suspension System Big Secret

In addition to the engine, transmission and other important components, the best representation of the quality of a car is the suspension system.

In fact, car suspension is a profound knowledge. It involves not only the problem of suspension structure, but also closely related to the manufacturer's ability to adjust. A good car suspension system allows ordinary drivers to feel ordinary cars out of their sports cars. A set of wildly-climbed suspensions is as difficult to control as a stubborn wild ass.

Then, if the suspension of the suspension is not shown for the moment, let's talk about the suspension structure. There are many types of car suspension structures, but they can be roughly divided into two categories: independent suspension and non-independent suspension.

Independent suspension means that the wheels on each side are individually suspended under the frame or under the body through an elastic suspension system, and the wheels do not interfere with each other. It can be divided into horizontal arm type, vertical arm type, double horizontal type, multi-link type, candle type and McPherson type suspension system.


The independent suspension has numerous advantages, such as lighter weight, less impact on the car body, and improved ground adhesion of the wheels; softer springs can be used to improve the comfort of the car; the engine position can be lowered and the car center of gravity can be lowered , In order to improve the driving stability of the car; left and right wheels beat independently, irrelevant, can reduce body tilt and vibration. However, there are advantages and disadvantages, which have complicated structure, high cost, inconvenient maintenance and other issues. At the same time, due to the complex structure, it will invade some of the vehicle's ride space.


Non-independent suspension is a suspension method in which one axle (or structural member) connects left and right wheels. Common types include parallel plate springs, torsion beam axles, torsion beams, and integral bridges.

The non-independent suspension has the following advantages: the left and right wheels will impinge upon each other when the bouncing occurs, and the small change of the tire angle will make the tire wear less; when the vehicle height decreases, it will not be easy to change the angle of the wheel, so that the sense of manipulation remains the same; Simple, low manufacturing cost, easy maintenance; occupying less space, can reduce the height of the floor. However, it is precisely because of the reasons that the left and right wheels are involved with each other, which will affect the ride comfort to a certain extent, and because the structure is simple, the degree of freedom of the design is small and the stability of the control is poor.

Both types of suspensions have their own advantages and play their own roles in their respective fields, which are determined by the positioning of the models. For example, sporty cars mostly use independent suspension to enhance the controllability of the car, while models that pursue the practicality of space can use non-independent suspension to increase the space utilization.

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