Analysis of Egg Powder Protein Content by Protein Analyzer

The egg powder made by special processing of eggs has the characteristics of easy storage and transportation, and can be used to prepare special-purpose products. The protein content of egg powder is very rich. Here, several commonly used methods and two solvents are used to determine the soluble protein content of egg powder in order to find a suitable method and solvent for determining protein content in egg powder. .

Weigh 0.5g egg powder and dissolve with water and 50g/L NaCl concentration to 50mL for the determination of biuret method; other methods call 50mg egg powder, constant volume is 250mL. The protein analyzer was determined by accurately weighing 0.5 g of egg powder and digesting it with concentrated sulfuric acid. After the distillation and titration, the protein content of the three parallel samples was 41.2%. The coefficient used in the calculation of results is 6.25.

There are many methods to determine protein content, which can be generally divided into two categories: one is to use the chemical physical properties of the protein, such as refractive index, specific gravity, ultraviolet absorption, etc. The other is to use chemical methods to determine the protein content, such as Kjeldahl Nitrogen method, biuret method, Folin-phenol method, etc. Through the above analysis, it was found that UV absorption method, biuret method, and Folin phenol method all have some limitations, and protein analyzers measure not only protein nitrogen, but Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 method has a simple, rapid, Due to its high sensitivity, it uses fewer reagents and is less affected by the specificity of the protein. The difference in the color intensity of other proteins besides histone is not significant. Therefore, it is considered that the method is more suitable for the determination of protein content in egg powder. The solvent is superior to water with dilute salt, and the type and concentration of dilute salt need further study.

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