Is the bigger the sprinkler is, the better?

I think this problem is the problem that all sprinkler masters want to know. The bigger the better the sprinkler is, the better the user always wants to use the sprinkler and the use process. In actual use, it would be too short to sprinkle water, increase the number of water additions, increase the fuel consumption for air-carrying and re-entry operations, increase expenditures, and have poor social and economic performance.

The main function of the sprinkler operation is to reduce the heat and cool the air and press the dust to purify the air. If the amount of water is too large, partial water will accumulate due to the unevenness of the ground, and part of the water will flow into the sewers along the way. This will cause water resources and economic waste. If there is much mud on the ground, muddy formation is likely to occur. This is caused by the adhesive tape of the vehicle tires. The extension of ground pollution, after the ground dries up, forms a larger area of ​​dust and sludge. The resulting topic is that watering operations should be carried out after the ground has been cleaned, and it is more difficult to sweep if the ground is heavily polluted. The amount of watering is not good. So sprinklers should avoid this problem. (In addition, the sprinkler can freely adjust the amount of water. The high-pressure device of the sprinkler can scavenge the front surface and then sprinkle the water after spraying. This will not allow water and debris to be mixed together. The sanitation workers only need to Sweep the pavement on both sides)

Rubber Roller Compound

Rubber Roller Compound

Power Company uses a variety of special rubber compound produced in America and Germany. Using advanced technology for processing, processing, packaging of rubber. High quality rubber roller mixed rubber for cots manufacturers.

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Jinan Power Rubber Roller Equipment Co., Ltd is a modern private enterprise embodying scientific research and production. It was set up in 1998, and now is the main base in our country for manufacturing rubber roller special machine.

Power Company is a professional producer engaged in rubber roller manufacturing equipment, with a large production scale and strong technical force. The products we provide are: Rubber Roller Builder, Rubber Roller Grinding Machine, External Cylindrical Grinder, Emery Belt Precision Machine, Fully Automatic Measuring Instrument, Grinding Head and Fitting of Equipment. More than eight products have been awarded National or Shandong Provincial level product prizes and three scientific-research achievement prizes. In 2000, our products passed the inspection by CCIB Quality Certification Center in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. By using our equipment, you will increase processing efficiency, and raise product quality. Also it can bring much economical benefit.

Power Company regards [customers first" as its principle and has been developing and producing satisfactory products for different types for customers. Janna Power Rubber Roller Equipment Co., Ltd sincerely welcomes friends at home and abroad to come here for business talks.

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